All the Reasons Why Everyone is Currently Obsessed with ‘True Beauty’

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Among all the disasters, the currently airing Korean drama titled ‘True Beauty’ is one of the few good things that 2020 has produced. Based on a webtoon, the drama premiered last year on December 9 and is about to complete airing the last two of all the 16 episodes in the next week. Starring the famous Moon Ga-young as Lim Ju-Kyung, the Korean singer and actor Cha Eun-woo as Lee Su-ho, who is also a member of the boy band, ‘Astro’ and the handsome Hwang In-yeop as Han Seo-Joon, the show ‘True Beauty’ highlights the journey of high school kids going through the difficulties of getting bullied, self-discovery, and finding love.

The show leaves behind a feeling of nostalgia, carrying us back to the days when we were in high school when we used to appear clueless and confused most of the time. Even the teens who are watching the drama must relate with our female protagonist in every episode— be it fighting with their hormonal changes, crushing over the cute guys at school, or having permanent or temporary best friends. Since people can’t stop talking about this newest K-drama, here we have brought to you all the reasons why this show is getting so much praise to the point that people are getting obsessed with it. In case you are still hesitating to start watching it, you can go through this article if you don’t mind a few spoilers.


1. The female Protagonist is a Classic Ugly Duckling

Most Asian dramas focus on a beautiful prom queen, here we have our Lim Ju-Kyung, an awkward and clumsy teenager, having her own share of acne marks, redness on her face, and the big-sized glasses that define most of the girls of her age. Owing to her anti ‘IT’ girl personality, with her hair being tied up in a simple ponytail, her dense caterpillar eyebrows, and untreated skin, the popular students in her school find her bully-worthy and ask her to run errands for them. This sympathetic situation makes the viewers pity her and teaches those who bully her a good lesson.

Lim Ju-kyung
Lim Ju-Kyung without Makeup

2. The Remarkable but Real Transformation

The drama showcased her struggles that she went through while learning make-up for the very first time. Shaving off her eyebrows by mistake, applying extra products on the face, dealing with her makeup being transferred on someone else’s clothes— Lim Ju-Kyung had to face these difficulties like any other ordinary person, which made the teenage girls out there relate with her. However hard it was, she finally learns to turn herself from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan in a short period of time.

Lim Ju-kyung
Lim Ju-Kyung

3. The Attractive Male Leads

One of the many reasons the girls would opt for this drama out of all the other ones currently airing is the bewitching appearances of the two male leads, common in almost every high school drama. Cha Eun-woo as Lee Su-ho and Hwang In-yeop as Han Seo-jun have nailed their respective characters’ portrayal, keeping the spectators waiting for new episodes every week.

Su-ho with Lim Ju-kyung
Su-ho with Lim Ju-Kyung
Seo-jun with Lim Ju-kyung
Seo-jun with Lim Ju-kyung

4. The Bromance Between the Two Male Leads

You will be lying if you say you didn’t actually gush over the small moments of bromance between Lee Su-ho and Han Seo-jun! Although they did start as an eye-sore for each other, their friendship grew over time, eliminating the hostility between them gradually. The cute and funny chemistry between the two characters has been the center of attraction ever since the drama has started airing— be it them fighting in the grass, cheering during the baseball match, or caring for each other in the hospital. You must have come across the memes on social media praising their chemistry, with some of the fans shipping the two officially.

Seo-jun and Su-ho together
Seo-jun and Su-ho together
Su-ho and Seo-jun's Friendship
Su-ho and Seo-jun’s Friendship

5. The Okey-Dokey Scene

We all replayed the scene more than once, didn’t we? According to the sources, it was originally our Seo-jun’s idea to add this song to the scene, and now it has become an internet trend. If there is ‘Embarrassing Yourself Before Your Crush Award,’ it will definitely go to Seo-jun, since even the viewers felt the second-hand embarrassment for him. He tried to act cool with everything but ended up screaming with embarrassment in his room makes it extra funny. In the future, we might always recall this chaotic scene of Seo-jun wearing the leopard-printed underwear, dancing over-excitedly with his airpods in, whenever the Okey-Dokey song will be played.

6. The Likeable Supporting Characters

We must admit there isn’t any character in the drama that the viewers totally despise (except for the professional bullies, of course). All the characters had a solid reason for their actions and behaved that way, falling prey to the circumstances. Whether it is Lim Ju-Kyung’s father, Su-ho’s father, or Soo-jin— the characters had their respective positive and negative side. Moreover, the supporting cast did their jobs well, whether it is Lim Ju-Kyung’s family members, who made the environment lighter with their humorous actions and dialogues, her new school friends, who teased as well as praised her now and then, her class teacher who supported all his students without any bias, or the endearing bickering between her brother and Seo-jun’s sister— the show wouldn’t have made so much of appeal, had it been not because of their support.


7. Dealing with the Social Issues

The show seems very sweet, fluffy, entertaining, and hilarious on the surface, but those who are currently watching it know best how they have brought out the serious and complex problems existing in the family and society. The show makers have portrayed the matters like insecurities, emotional and psychological trauma, suicidal theme maturely and satisfyingly. School bullying because of the family status and appearance, family issues, stress for meeting the parents’ academic expectations, and family betrayal are a few things that affect a child’s upbringing. Despite being a high school drama, the themes addressed by it are deep and unusual.

Lim Ju-kyung's family
Lim Ju-Kyung’s family

8. Lovable Sound Tracks

One of the important factors that play a major role in any show is its soundtrack, which determines how the spectators feel while watching the show. All of us know that a bad OST can ruin a well-portrayed moment, making the drama dull and boring as a whole. Thankfully, ‘True Beauty’ has a complete list of beautiful soundtracks, including “I’m Missing You” by Sunjae and “Falling in You” by Ha Sung Woon. Moreover, a few days ago, it was confirmed that Hwang In-yeop would be lending his voice to the OST of the drama. We have already witnessed a few seconds of his deep melodious voice earlier in the drama, so this is surely going to be a treat for Seo-jun’s fans.

9. The Portrayal of the Importance of One’s Real Beauty and Individuality

Although we cannot and should not deny the power that make-up holds— capable of transforming a person’s look completely, the show teaches us to acknowledge our own flaws and working on them, rather than trying to hide them. Makeup only covers up the scars, but self-love can cure them. Although Lim Ju-Kyung faces a hard time dealing with her difficulties, she finally realizes her worth and tries to embrace her natural beauty. Not just Lim Ju-Kyung, there are a few other characters in the drama (her old school friend and Seo-jun’s sister) who need to be confident with their own beauty. The drama reminds people, and especially the young girls out there, to treat themselves no less than any other just because of a few flaws. When you love yourself, you automatically glow differently, and this is the only way we can let our true beauty shine out.

Su-ho and Lim Ju-kyung

We are still waiting for the climax to release. Some of the sources say that there is going to be a second season of the show. However, it is not confirmed yet. You can stream the episodes online on Viki along with the English subtitles. The first few episodes are available to watch for free, after which you need to get a premium or wait for them to make it free to watch.

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