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One Piece Chapter 933 – Kyoushiro Vs Orochi? Possible Spoilers And Scan update

One Piece 933 Raw Scans update

One Piece Chapter 932 dropped last week, and even though there was very little action in there compared to what we got in the previous chapters, I think it was a fantastic set-up chapter.

In the previous one, we got to see Shogun Orochi in the midst of a lot of stuff. But before that, we saw Nico Robin trying to find clues to the Poneglyphs in Wano Country. Unfortunately, he was found out by the Shogun Orochi Oniwabanshu, and she decided to say that she was the witching hour boy.

They immediately found out that she was lying, and so Robin escaped. We then went on to see Shogun Orochi talking about Oden and the curse of Toki. At that moment, Toko started laughing and Orochi, who attempted to kill her, got slapped by Komurasaki.

Towards the end, Orochi transformed into his Yamata no Orochi form, ready to kill Komurasaki too. Kyoushiro got up to shed some blood, and the Ninja Oniwabanshu found Robin and were ready to attack.

So, what exactly will we see in the next chapter of One Piece? Well, for one, I think we’ll see a continuation of the Flower Capital events only. Firstly, I think we’ll pick up at Orochi’s castle where Robin will be saved by Brook, Nami and Shinobu.

Meanwhile, Kyoushiro might attack Orochi in order to rescue Komurasaki. I think Kyoushiro might want to be the Shogun of Wano himself and it really won’t be a problem because he has good connections with Kaido as well. However, the only problem is that Orochi killed Oden and has been set-up as someone who deserves the wrath of Kinemon.

I don’t think he’ll be killed off so early. Are the event, we’ll then see utter chaos. In all of this, Komurasaki, Took, Robin, Brook, Nami, and Shinobu will likely escape and head to Ebisu Town. Meanwhile, Sanji will get rid of Page One, and as the fight ends, he will make sure to head to Ebisu Town for the next big part of the story. Raizo might successfully get the keys to Luffy’s cuffs, and we’ll have a Prison Break arc after that.

One Piece 933 will come out officially 18 February 2019. The scans will be out by 15 February 2019.