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Boku No Hero Academia Season 4And New Villain

Boku No Hero Academia Season 4 update

Boku no Hero Academia is one of the biggest and most popular anime series. It has blown up ever since the release of the first season. The manga and the anime have gained a lot of fans, and it has developed into one of the biggest fandoms. The anime has received three seasons so far and the fourth season is on its way.

Theof the fourth season is already confirmed. The fourth season of Boku no Hero Academia is going to air in October 2019. The wait for the new season is quite long but, this season will most likely be Boku no Hero season till date. The fourth season will feature a new antagonist who is known as Overhaul.

The third season featured an epic battle between All for One and All Might. The fight was labeled one of the most iconic fights in anime history. The third season had its highs but, overall it was a decent season. However, the next season will be something else. It will bring a whole new level of thrill.

The people who have read the manga will have high expectations from the fourth season, and I am sure that the staff won’t disappoint us. They have worked very hard on each season and brought out quality content for the fans to enjoy.

The story of the show follows a quirkless boy named Midoriya Izuku who wants to become a hero. While growing up, Midotiya idolizes All Might. However, Midoriya is quirkless, and in a society where almost everyone has quirks, Midoriya seems to be the odd one out. However, Midoriya isn’t ready to give up on his dream.