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New Emojis 2020 New Details About Latest Emojis

new Emojis 2020 update

Emojis are a big part of our conversations, all of us use them in our text messages now and again to make our conversations lively. Most of all it helps us to express our emotions in a better way in our day-to-day conversations. We already have a bunch of emojis to choose from already but there is indeed some exciting news on this front and the directory of emojis is about to get a huge addition in 2020. That is why in this post I’ll be discussing the new emojis 2020 other details regarding this matter. The organization that is behind the launch of these new emojis is Unicode Consortium. These emojis will be available on both Android and iOS devices.

New Emojis 2020 update

There is not an exact date that has come out about the release of the new emojis but it is known for certain that these will be released in 2020 only. Some sources are mentioning that Android devices can access to beta versions from August 2020 and then the official version available for Android and iOS will be released in October-November 2020. So, how many new emojis are we exactly talking about? Well, there are going through be a total of 117 new emojis that will be coming out this year.

Most important these new sets of Emojis will include gender-inclusive emojis which is a piece of great news. These include Woman in Tux, Gender-neutral Santa, Man with veil, transgender symbol and flag, smiling face with tear, pinched fingers emoji, smiling emoji with a fake nose, emoji about hugging, black cat emoji, seal emoji, dodo emoji, polar bear emoji, worm emoji, in addition to these more weird emojis are set to be released as well like mirror emoji, accordion emoji, roller skate emoji, log emoji, green bell pepper emoji.

These were just a small bunch that I shared with you all but there is a lot more than this that we’ll be getting. While some sections of the population believe that this was a much-needed upgrade and just cannot wait to get their hands on these new emojis, other sections of the population are of the opinion that this new update is overhyped and nothing special. We’ll leave this to you all, what do you think about New Emojis 2020 other updates, let us know in the comments section down below.