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Modern Family Season 12: Renewal, and Updates

Modern Family Season 12

Modern Family is having its last episodes of season 11 airing on 8 April 2020, and all the fans are surely curious. However, the moment the lasr episodes are done airing, fans will be trying to know whether there will be more episodes coming out or not. Hence, we are here to provide you with all the details available to us. So, let’s get started with all the details about Modern Family season 12 such as renewal, and updates.

Modern Family Season 12 Renewal and update

As we know, the show has completed the eleventh season, and as announced earlier, the show will not continue after the eleventh season. So, we will not be getting a 12th season as per the current details. However, it would be hard for the fans who have been watching this show for a decade, as the show has meant a lot to the fans. And now, it is ending, so there will be people asking for more episodes.

In the end, we saw that all the family members were going on their own way, so it will be hard to get the charm back to the show even if it gets renewed. To sum up, all the siblings chose to leave, although their parents wanted them to stay around. Also, Haley and Dylan moved to a new apartment, as they had enough money for it. Luke moved to Oregon, for his studies in college. Alex shifted to Switzerland for her new work! So, everyone is pretty much occupied with their new situations, and it is hard to keep everything going like before.

Season finale, which was series finale, had different impacts for everyone. Some of them were having emotional thoughts, while others even had a good laugh in the last episodes. But at the end, the show said a goodbye, and then we saw a special episode with more insights on how the show was being produced this long!

Modern Family Season 12

The Family of Modern Family

Modern Family season 11 has a 0.98 average rating in the 18-49 demographic and also has 4.11 million average viewers. Compared to season 10, it is respectively 23% and 15% low. So, the numbers were also decreasing, although it was not steep. However, we do believe that the decision came at the right time! So, there are lesser chances of the show getting any more episodes even if the fans urge for it, and no other network might want to come into this as the show has already been closed perfectly.