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Samsung Fold Price, And Updates

Samsung Galaxy Fold update

Samsung Galaxy Fold may just be one of the most talked about phones recently. Ever since it has been announced, fans are curious to see what it’s going to be like and when they can get their hands on it. The phone was first showed off back in 2018, and has since then become the star of the Galaxy Unpacked Live event which took place in early 2019.

Before it’s announcement, many sources thought that it was going to be called Samsung Galaxy X, but that’s hasn’t been quite right. Samsung has decided to go for Galaxy Fold instead and that’s not too bad either. Samsung has been calling it the Infinite Flex Display.

This technology isn’t just for the Samsung Galaxy Fold series. According to Samsung, this is the foundation for a multitude of products that are coming in the future, like foldable tablets, and foldable laptops too.

As far as the the prices related to the Galaxy Fold go, Samsung went out of their way to confirm a bunch of stuff which has given fans quite a picture on what they will be getting, and for what price. Samsung Galaxy Fold is set to go on sale in the US on April 26, 2019. In the Europe, the wait is going to be a bit longer. Galaxy Fold will be out in Europe on May 3, 2019.

The pricing for this phone is certainly very interesting. In the US, the phone will start at $1,980, and in the Europe, it will cost €2,000. The UK price hasn’t been exactly specified but it could range by to £1,550.

Updated on 20 April 2019:

Now, the phone is making a huge buzz on the news and social media, as it is about to get launched. It is circulated that the phone is supposed to hit shelves on 26 April 2019 in the US, and on 3 May in the UK. Many YouTube technology channels have shown unboxing of the phone, and it looks decent with a crease in the center when opened.

The phone is whopping 15.5 mm thick when closed, which is too thick. However, it has 7.3 inch display when opened, and a 4.6 inch cover display too. It has three camera setups, in which two are front camera setups while folded and unfolded, and a three-camera rear setup is also there same as Samsung Galaxy S10. First impressions are terrific, although the price point is a big concern.