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Eccentric! Chef Moon Episode 11: Preview, update & Streaming Details

Eccentric! Chef Moon Episode 11

Eccentric! Chef Moon is going to release episode 11 this week, and we are looking at what happens with Koo Hee. Eccentric! Chef Moon starring K-pop boy group Shinhwa’s Eric Mun and Go Won Hee has been creating quite a buzz with the cast’s acting performances.

The drama premiered last month on March 27, 2020, and has been keeping audiences engaged. In this article, we will take a look at what’s to come in the upcoming episodes as the show heads into its second half!

Eccentric! Chef Moon Preview

Previously, Yoo Bella (Go Won Hee) appeared in front of Im Cheol Yong (Ahn Nae Sang) as soon as she gained her memory. Even if he didn’t know that Yoo Bella would return, Im Cheol Yong was astonished. Then, he went to the boutique and pointed out the imperfections of the copy work, and issued a warning to Im Hyun Ah (Cha Jung Won) to reclaim the brand, and wowed viewers.

In still released as a preview of the upcoming episode, the face-to-face encounter between Yoo Bella and Cheol Yong’s cool eyes draws attention. In particular, there is a mysterious contract that needs to be signed in front of Yoo Bella.

It would also be interesting to see how Im Cheol Yong, who gives a sturdy suggestion of repentance and persuasion to disturb his opponent, and Yoo Bella’s consistent face with a firm look will affect the play.

Moon Seung Mo (Eric) is raising questions about how the romance of the two will be portrayed in the future, saying that he will never be able to leave the side of Yoo Bella that will continue to struggle with Im Cheol Yong.

Stills from Eccentric! Chef Moon episode 11.

Eccentric! Chef Moon Episode 11 update & Streaming Details

Episode 11 of Eccentric! Chef Moon will be broadcasted on Friday, May 1, 2020, on the local Korean cable TV channel Channel A at 23:00 KST (Korea Standard Time).

The show can be watched online with English subtitles only on the streaming platform Rakuten Viki. You can expect to catch up on the episode after it airs in South Korea.

While the show is available on Rakuten Viki for free, you can watch it in HD with a premium Rakuten Viki subscription. It is only licensed for a few regions, however, so not everyone will be able to view it. In case the show is locked for your region, we recommend using a VPN or a proxy.