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My Hero Academia Season 4And Spoilers: The Biggest Season To Date?

My Hero Academia Season 4

My Hero Academia Season 4 has been hyped up to be the best season of the show so far, and this year, we’re going to have to to with a bit longer than usual to see it. For those of you who missed it, at Jump Festa 2019, we got a short teaser for My Hero Academia Season 4 which was a mix of both good and bad for the fans.

We got to see what the next season was going to offer to fans, but at the same time, it was revealed that My Hero Academia Season 4 was going to be air at a later time. As we all know, My Hero Academia usually airs in April of every year. However, this time, we’ll be getting My Hero Academia in October, making it a fall anime.

A lot of fans are disappointed at this because the wait is going to be excruciatingly long. But, at the same time, it ensures that we will get a better Season 4, quality-wise.

As far as the plot goes, it is actually going to be the best season of My Hero Academia by far. If you liked season 3 and thought it was incredible, you’re really not ready to witness the upcoming season of My Hero Academia. I’ll now be entering spoiler territory, so if you want to avoid spoilers for My Hero Academia Season 4, please stop reading the post here. As some of you may know, we’ll see Midoriya and the heroes taking on a new group of antagonists known as the Eight Percepts of Death.

They are a Yakuza gang led by Kai Chisaki. They ally with the Villains, and the Heroes plan to stop whatever it is that they’re trying to do. Kai Chisaki will be the main villain of My Hero Academia Season 4, and you’re right if you believe that Midoriya will clash against him. The two will fight an intense battle which will see Midoriya use all of his One For All powers to their full extent and emerge victoriously.

My Hero Academia Season 4 will likely return in the first week of October. You can watch the show on Crunchyroll and Funimation subbed and/or dubbed.

Updated on May 17, 2019:
As we head closer to summer 2019, we’re inching closer to My Hero Academia’s next season as well. We’re told that the next season of the the show is going to be something special and that’s one of the reasons why Bones took so much time working on it. Bones also had to make some other shows like Mob Psycho and work on movies such the MHA movie 2, which will come out in Winter 2020.

Had My Hero Academia Season 4 come out in April 2019, the drop in the quality of the show would’ve been easily noticeable. Thankfully, Bones made the right decision and pushed the show back. My Hero Academia Season 4 returns officially in October 2019 with at least 24 episodes.