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Sony Increases The Price of Its PlayStation Vue’s Services

PlayStation Vue

Sony’s PlayStation Vue is increasing its prices, and users are not quite happy about that. Sony has a history of raising the prices of its services and the last time the prices were raised was in 2018, so after one whole year, Sony has decided to increase the prices of PlayStation Vue once more. The previous increase commenced on July 24th and Sony revealed that to stay with rising business cost, Sony had to bump up the prices, so that they could work to provide a better experience to the customers of PlayStation Vue.

Sony’s PlayStation Vue is an OTT (Over-The-Top) television service, and it was launched on 18th March 2015. Users can watch live TV, sports, TV programs, on-demand video and others. The service has gained many followers over the years and the number of subscribers was 745,000 subscribers when last counted in September 2018.

According to the latest report from PlayStation Blog, Sony has increased the prices of PlayStation Vue by $5, and it is already in motion for new customers, however, the existing customers will be getting some time off. For the existing ones, the change will come into effect starting 31st July 2019.

The change in prices has affected all of the tiers of service. So, Access will now cost $49.99, the new cost of Core is $54.99, Elite will now cost $64.99, and Ultra will cost $84.99. Variety reveals that the main reason for this increase in price is the increase in the cost of contents in every year and Sony recent renewed its services with Warner Media, AMC, Discovery and NBC Universal and since these companies increase their licensing fees every year, Sony is compelled to make changes to support its services.

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