Top 10 Series To Watch On Netflix This July

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Top 10 Series To Watch On Netflix This July

“Netflix and chill” is the new mantra for attaining peace and cherishing life. Mostly Gen Z has found immense pleasure in it. The possibility of watching thousands of series, multiple genre series, and shows from around the world still excites us. Netflix is at the top of the OTT game, and why should not that be? All the Netflix series are entertaining and captivating.  Also, Netflix has let us binge-watch our all-time favorite shows like “Friends.” Be it a kid or an oldie, Netflix has everything for anyone. A new month for binge-watching means a bunch of new thrilling and entertaining series. However, with all the good things, a new month with Netflix brings confusion about what to watch first. Well, the good news is you are not going to get confused as we have made this exclusive list of top 10 series to watch on Netflix that will definitely get you started.

10. Control Z, Season 3

The Mexican drama is all set to electrify the audience with its third season. The first episode will be premiered on July 6, 2022. Control Z revolves around a teenage girl who tries to unveil the hacker’s identity who is revealing her college students’ secrets. Unfortunately, there is some bad news for Control Z fans; The third season is the final installment in the series. The group is going to graduate soon and looking forward to their future. However,  @todostussecretso reactivates again, and this time is threatening them to take away their future. Will Sofia be able to find out who is behind this for the final time? We will get our answers soon.

9. Uncle From Another World

All the anime fans, Be ready. Another “rolling on the floor laughing” anime is going to knock your screens on July 6, 2022. The manga “Uncle from another world” by Hotondoshindeiru is adapted into anime and going to be released on Netflix outside Japan. Takafumi’s uncle is finally up from his 17 years of coma. While Takafumi visits him in the hospital, he finds that his uncle is muttering nonsense by claiming that he has returned from another world named “Granbahamal.” However, his uncle proved his claims, and Takafumi took him to his house. Determined to use his uncle’s magic to earn a living, Takafumi embarks on the journey of adventures and surprises.

Top 10 Series To Watch On Netflix This July

8. The Flash, Season 8

Based on the DC comics, The Flash is the oldest and biggest show on the CW network that gets featured on Netflix. The US audience will be able to watch all the episodes of the eighth season on July 8, 2022, but in other regions such as Greece, Israel, Belgium, Romania, etc., Netflix gets the weekly episodes of The Flash. With the new villain and the new plot, it is also set in the Arrowverse. Eric Wallace is the showrunner, and this season is produced by Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros. Television, and DC Entertainment.

7. Karma’s World, Season 3

We will be able to witness Karma’s musical journey again from July 7, 2022. Karma is a gifted and talented young girl who juggles her dreams and daily life situations. Her dreams are bigger, just like her courage to solve any problem. It appears from the trailer that “Treat everybody how you want to be treated” is the new slogan for this season. Karma is going to protest and will start her new all-girls group.

6. Big Timber, Season 2

Thanks to Big Timber for letting the world know about the depth of the Logging industry. The show revolves around the Logging business that Canadian lumberjack-extraordinaire Kevin Wenstob runs with the help of his family. Originally released on the History Channel, the show became much loved by the audience that Netflix decided to have it. The long-awaited second season will premiere on Netflix on July 13, 2022. Hopefully, we will get to see the dangerous works of loggers again.

Top 10 Series To Watch On Netflix This July 5. Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight

Set to release on July 14, 2022, Kung Fu Panda is an animated series that will showcase the journey of our favorite Panda hero. And he is not a kid anymore; you will meet the all-grown-up Po in this new series. Po, or “the dragon master,” will go on a journey to save the world after being wrongfully accused of destroying a village with a magical weapon. However, he is not alone; he teams up with the English Knight Wandering Blade to search for the four weapons that can destroy the world if they fall into the wrong hands.

4. Alba

Going to be released on July 15, 2022, it is the tale of a woman seeking justice. Alba wakes up on a beach only with evidence of getting raped, but she does not know anything about the culprits. The Spanish crime drama will unfold gradually as she discovers some shocking revelations about the incident while dealing with her trauma. The girl does not remember most of the stuff and does not know whom to trust and search for evidence and witnesses.

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3. Blown Away, Season 3

Get ready to see again, “Who is going to be best in the glass!” Your talented America’s Got Talent contestant, Nick Uhas, will again be the host of the season, including ten contestants competing with each other for the title. Resident glass master Katherine Gray warns contestants that there will be a lot expected of them in this new season.  With the high risks and more complicated tasks, This season is literally going to blow us away. The third season will premiere on July 22, 2022.

Top 10 Series To Watch On Netflix This July

2. The beauty Queen Of Jerusalem, Season 2

The Israel drama filled with complicated relationships, unfulfilled love, and risky desires is ready to come back on your screens on July 29, 2022. The second season will take you more into their stories and live their journeys with them. The series focused on both Rosa and Luna’s stories with decade-spanning sequences. In 1929, somebody attacked Rosa, a housecleaner, which hugely impacted her marriage with a shopkeeper who loved someone else and her brother’s future. Fast forward ten years, it is 1939, and Rosa’s daughter Luna got heartbroken only to find love again with the forbidden man.

1. Uncoupled

Uncoupled is the story of a man who recently got dumped in his 40s. Moving on is difficult but doing that in your 40s is extraordinarily stressful and depressing. One of the thriving New Yorker real estate brokers suffers heartbreak when his boyfriend of 17 years breaks up with him and leaves him. Thankfully, unlike his ex-boyfriend, he has some good friends who will help him come back into the dating game. Uncoupled is all about the man exploring himself and love in ways he never expected. The heartwarming series will be premiered on July 29.

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