Dying Light 2 Won’t Be Coming On PS5 And Xbox Scarlett

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Dylight 2

The lead game designer of Techland, Tymon Smektala revealed that the team has no plan to bring their upcoming title Dying Light 2 to PS5 or Xbox Scarlett. The first game launched by in 2015 which was a pretty good game and the second game will be launching between the eighth and ninth console generations. The first game was a breath of fresh air to the Zombie fans as it gave access to fluid parkour mechanics to traverse the map.

The game’s combat was heavily based on melee combat that goes great with the game. The weapons that the player use get damaged overtime when heavy used. The second game will have many of these mechanics, and its map will be four times bigger, and it takes place in a future where the zombie apocalypse has panned out a lot more.

Some of you might be bothered by the fact that the second game won’t be coming to the next generation of consoles, but Sony’s next console will have backward compatibility with all PS4 titles. As for Xbox Scarlett, backward compatibility has not been announced just yet, but if Xbox One was adapted for both Xbox 360 titles and older original Xbox games, then there is an excellent chance that Xbox Scarlett will have compatible with Xbox One titles.

Smektala said “So what we’re saying right now, and since this game is releasing in spring 2020, (Dying Light 2) is a game that will be released on the current-gen, because that’s the only landscape we will know when the game is released. But the future is something you can shape with your own hands and with your decisions. So, for now, Dying Light 2, spring 2020 – on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.” Dying Light 2 will definitely be pushing the PS4 and Xbox One’s power, and I have high expectations from this game.

The story will shape from the decisions you make, and there will be multiple areas as well as multiple factions in the game. The choices that you make will change the world around. The players are put in the shoes of Aiden who’s also mysteriously infected, giving him a variety of unique abilities that are sure to provide a lot of fun in the open-world environment.

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