Real Steel 2: Everything We Know So Far

Real Steel is a movie that is directed by Shawn Levy, and it had many case members such as Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly, Anthony Mackie, Hope Davis, and Kevin Duran. It first released in 2011 and was a success because of its original story and a top-tier cast which bring it to life. With the success of the first movie, Real Steel 2 was expected to follow and has been on the books for a decade. The first movie tells the story of Charlie Kenton, a washed-up boxer who owns a lot of money to other people. In order to repay his debt, he makes use of up-and-coming sport of robot boxing. He also learns that he has a son named Max, who is forced to reconnect with his stepdad.

Charlie learns that his son is interested in boxing too and then both of them join forces and, after some major setbacks, discover a sparring robot they name Atom with the potential to become a contender in the robot boxing world. The audiences loved it, and it made more than $300 million globally in its theatrical run, and there is still potential for Real Steel 2. The sequel could go down even more towards the story and the world-building as well. But since 2016 things have been too quiet on Real Steel 2.

The first movie ended it the story but there enough room to expand it. In the first film, we see both of our protagonist making their rise through star robot boxer Atom involved in a marquee match against the more skilled robot Zeus. Their fight gets intense as Atom suffers damage one of its important function which crushes their hope but Charlie shadowbox with Atom which puts his own skills as a boxer to the test. Even though they lost the fight, but Atom is dubbed “The People’s Champion.” Real Steel 2 story has yet to be decided, but there are many ways this franchise can get back on its feet. They can make a movie again on Charlie or an older version of Max and involve him in a new story.

It has reported that Levy and Jackman are working on a Real Steel 2 ever since the first movie hit the theater. In 2014, Levy around the time he was in post-production on Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb said “We have been quietly developing a sequel to Real Steel for three and a half years. We’ve come up with some great scripts, but Hugh and I would only make it if the plot feels fresh, but also the character journeys feel fresh, and we’ve found both but never at the same time. It’s ongoing. I know the clock is ticking.” It is still unknown when both Levy and Jackman will come back together to continue developing the sequel. There has been no news on Real Steel 2 has stopped, which is a good sign for a sequel.

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