Vikings Season 6: Will Ragnar Return? Producers Having Fun With FaceApp

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Vikings, The History Channel’s drama is currently in works for Season 6. As we have been told, Season 6 is to be the last of Vikings. If you are a fan of the gory medieval drama, we have an Easter Egg for you. Keep reading to know what that is.

Ragnar Lothbrok’s (Travis Fimmel) return was teased to us recently. His character has been long-gone (dead) on the show, but a fan favorite. Using the internet’s most popular app to boot, producers of Vikings have responded to this popular fan theory.

For the upcoming Season, Vikings’ Reddit fandom is theory crafting about the dead coming back to the show. The producers were quick to respond to one such theory, that shows Ragnar in chains, the last time we saw him. The manacles on his wrists are our Easter Eggs. They have been linked straight to the manacles on the very same wrists of the guy who crowns Ivar the Boneless. And who’s Ivar the Boneless, he’s Ragnar’s son. Watch this poster for the second half of the season:

Ragnar To Return In Season 6
Left, Ragnar’s Return Teased For Season 6

If these chains are same, is the guy same too? On the official Vikings’ Instagram page, the producers weighed in on this theory.

And that’s Ragnar Lothbrok FaceApped, the viral app that everyone has been using recently. Can we say that we have been trolled by the producers? Sure, they may be joking here, but there has been no denial on this one. The producers not once, have equivocally said that Ragnar wouldn’t be back.

We also have to take into account the show’s basis in real-world history, mostly. So right now it seems highly unlikely that Ragnar would be back. He died at Aelle’s hand, which is a fairly accepted historical event. So to bring him back, wouldn’t fly well in the face of history. The actor who plays him, Fimmel has repeatedly stated desire not to return on The Vikings.

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