Frank Fritz’s Net Worth and Earnings

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Frank Fritz Net Worth

There is some heartbreaking news for Frank Fritz fans. This “American Pickers” star has suffered a stroke. Currently, the star is hospitalized. The news of the stroke was announced by his co-star Mike Wolfe. In his Instagram post, he wrote that he has been very private about Frank’s life in past years. There have been many opinions about their (His and Frank’s) friendship. Further, he added that it was not the right time to set the record straight and urged fans to pray for Frank.

At the end of his post, Mike informed fans about Frank’s stroke and that he was in the hospital. Then, Mike requested fans to keep Frank in their hearts and thoughts. In an attempt to say words directly to Frank, he wrote, “Frank, I pray more than anything that you make it through this okay. I love you, buddy.” Frank Fritz’s net worth is huge, and it can be estimated that hospital bills are being taken care of by his earnings. 

Frank Fritz’s Net Worth

Frank Fritz rose to fame due to his outstanding performance in the show “American Pickers.” The reality TV star earned a huge amount from the show. Frank Fritz’s net worth is around $6 million. His most-talked show began airing on History Channel in 2010. He hosted the show with his long-time best friend, Mike Wolfe. And just last year, Frank bid goodbye to the reality show following rumors of a rift between best friends. Before making big in the television industry, He worked as a fire inspector for long 25 years. Nevertheless, talent and skills cannot be hidden for long. During his fire-fighting days, Frank developed a habit of collecting firefighter and firehouse-related trinkets. Once, Frank bought an item for $15 and then sold it for $475. The incident changed his life and then Frank Fritz’s net worth. 

Frank Fritz Net Worth

Soon, Frank decided to make a living out of this talent of his. He decided to shift entirely from fire-fighting and started collecting antique and vintage items. Initially, he had to spend more on traveling and collecting, which largely impacted Frank Fritz’s net worth. Nevertheless, he never gave up and continued to follow his passion. The strong-headed person went on to open an antique shop in Savanna, Illinois. Thanks to his experience and experiments with antique items, he authored two books. His first book, ” American Pickers Guide to Picking,” was released in 2011, while his second book, “How to Pick Vintage Motorcycles,” was released in 2013. Both the books became fans’ favorites. 

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Frank Fritz in American Collectors

Frank became immensely popular amongst collectors and designers as an antique collector. Frank used to get recognition in the business, and fortunately, History Channel discovered him. After that, this gentleman never looked back. He stayed in the show for 22 years. The show made him an established TV personality and drastically increased Frank Fritz’s net worth. The show made him a household name. The “American Pickers” was produced by A&E Television Networks. The show revolves around two hosts who travel throughout America in an attempt to find rare artifacts which they can include or sell in their antique shops. Nevertheless, last year, the History channel announced that Frank was leaving the show. 

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