Dogs Of Berlin Season 2 Spoilers, Synopsis, And Cast

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Dogs Of Berlin Season 2
Dogs Of Berlin (Netflix)

‘Dogs of Berlin’ is a German crime drama. The television series is the second German series that has been produced for Netflix ‘Dark’. Dogs of Berlin has been created and directed by Christian Alvart, who is known for his movies such as ‘Pandorum,’ ‘Case 39’. The show follows two police officers who have very contrasting personalities, and they try to solve the murder of a high-profile footballer in Berlin. The show is available in both German and English.

Dogs Of Berlin Season 2
Dogs Of Berlin by Netflix

The announcement regarding the premiere of the show was made in April 2017. Netflix announced that Dogs of Berlin would be airing on its platform. After waiting for more than a year, Netflix finally released the show, and it has ten episodes. It premiered on December 7, 2018. The drama became a hit with the fans.

Dogs Of Berlin Season 2 Cast—

If the show does end up getting renewed, then we will see the main cast coming back for a second season. Here is the possible cast for Dogs Of Berlin Season 2 — Fahri Yardim as Erol Bikram, Felix Kramer as Kurt Grimmer, Urs Rechn as Gert Seiler, Katharina Schüttler as Paula Grimmer, Anna Maria Mühe as Sabine ‘Bine’ Ludar, Kais Setti as Kareem Tarik-Amir, Mohammed Issa as Murad Issam, Deniz Orta as Maïssa Issam, Giannina Erfany-Far as Kamila, Sebastian Zimmler as Ulf Grimmer, Sebastian Achilles as Guido Mack, Hauke Diekamp as Wachtmeister, and Katrin Saß as Eva Grimmer.

Dogs of Berlin has a rating of 7.5 on IMDb that is based on 6,000 votes. Even though it’s been a long time since the first season of the show was released, there is no news of a second season coming out. There is definitely a possibility for Dogs of Berlin being renewal because Netflix hasn’t billed it as a limited series.

We know that Netflix doesn’t share any data related to viewership. So, we are basically clueless about the topic. With each passing month, the probability of a new season grows shorter and shorter. One would have thought that there might have been an announcement already.

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