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Housos 2020 Cast, Plot and Updates

Housos 2020 update
Housos 2020 update

The Australian comedy series, Housos will be returning after its seven long year gap, and things are already intense before its release. Housos 2020 is around the corner, but the initial reaction from the fans isn’t that positive as the team might have hoped. The show has found itself in yet another controversy, and fans are slamming it for being ‘tone-deaf’ amid the current situation of Covid-19.

The show will release in late October, and we have compiled all the crucial information that you must know.

Housos 2020 Plot and Updates

Housos will soon premiere its third season, and it will be interesting to see the current lives of the cast amid these difficult times. The Logie-award winning show made its official debut way back in 2011, and it has a total of two seasons only. Housos Season 2 arrived in 2013, so it’s nearly seven years that we have heard anything from the team. However, the long wait is finally coming to an end, as Housos 2020 is only a few weeks away. 

Housos 2020 Cast details

Housos Cast

Housos is a parody show which revolves around the low-income people of the fictional suburb Sunnyvale and residing Housing Commission public housing. The confirmation of Housos 2020 came in May of this year (2020), and as per the it will air on 7mate. Housos Season 3 is titled ‘Housos vs. Virus – The Lockdown,‘ and it will follow the lives of the cast as they deal with difficulties arisen due to the on-going Covid-19 Pandemic.

The franchise has also released two separate movies, which are Housos vs. Authority (released in November 2012), and Fat Pizza vs. Housos (released in November 2014). 

Housos had its fair share of controversies when several residents from western Sydney initiated a petition to stop the show from airing. They also approached SBS for the same. The upcoming Housos Season 3 is no different, as Channel 7 is facing a new backlash. People are offended and slamming it for being ‘tone-deaf‘ to the pandemic. The original comment from the social media user read, ‘To be fair, they’d have made all of this before the towers were locked down. Still airing it though is as tone-deaf as it gets.’ 

While other users asked Channel 9 about the decision, and one expressed that this is not what they mean when they say, ‘comedy is all about timing.’

Housos 2020 Cast, and Episodes

The cast of Housos Season 3 might include Elle Dawe (Sharon “Shazza” Jones), Jason “Jabba” Davis (Darren “Dazza” Smith), Paul Fenech (Frank “Franky” Falzoni), Kevin Taumata (Kevin Takamata), Vanessa Davis (Vanessa “Nessa” Talawahoo), Alex Romano (Jimmy the Junkie), Tahir Bilgic (Habib), Rob Shehadie (Rocky), Ashur Simon (Abdul), Ara Natarian (Ara), Mohammed Hammoud (Mo), and others.

The episode of Housos Season 2 includes:

  • Episode 1: Voucher
  • Episode 2: Jailbreak
  • Episode 3: Dazza the Bikie
  • Episode 4: Uncle Fred
  • Episode 5: Rehab
  • Episode 6: Cops
  • Episode 7: Junkies
  • Episode 8: Tokyo
  • Episode 9: Wedding

Both season one and two of Housos featured nine episodes, and we expect Housos 2020 to follow the same pattern.

Housos Season 3 will premiere at 7mate on 26th October 2020.