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Ubuntu 19.10 Major Updates Revealed

Ubuntu 19.10 update

Ubuntu 19.10 is set to be released on October 17, 2019. Thewill bring new features.

Other key dates during the Eoan:

Feature Freeze: August 22, 2019
Kernel Freeze: September 26, 2019
Final Freeze: October 10, 2019

Ubuntu 19.10 beta release went live on September 26, 2019

Ubuntu 19.10 development is almost complete. One of the biggest changes in Ubuntu 19.10 is the decision to include NVIDIA drivers on the ISO install image. So, this is going to make things easier for Ubuntu users who have NVIDIA hardware to install the proprietary drives for their graphics card alongside the system.

Ubuntu 19.10

The other big change in the release is support for installing Ubuntu using the ZFS file system. The film system is considered to be experimental. Ubuntu is the first desktop Linux distro to offer native support for ZFS out of the box.

Ubuntu developers have worked really hard to make sure that the distro has a working 32-but userspace for legacy apps and software, including Steam and WINE. It also contains the best GNOME 3.34 features. Now, it is possible to drag and drop applications in the Application Overview in order to create app folders. There is also a refreshed set of the main apps that include Document Scanner, Todo, and Files.

Ubuntu 19.10 main notes:

Linux kernel 5.3
GNOME 3.34
Experimental ZFS file system install
Ship NVIDIA drivers on the ISO
PulseAudio 13.0
Flicker-free boot for Intel users
Revamped Yaru GTK theme
Theme support for Snap apps
Fwupd available as a Snap