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Diablo 3 Season 19 Begins And Patch Note 2.6.7. Revealed

Diablo III

The patch notes of2.6.7. Explain to us what new things and changes have come to the game. Season 18 angered a lot of fans because the Triune bonus didn’t stick with their adventuring characters. The company Blizzard is doing something new in its 19 seasons. That new thing is called Pandemonium buff, which is a new mechanics that add an element of both chaos and power to the battlefield. What this does is that it focuses on killstreaks, and it gives you different rewards as your consecutive kill count rises higher and higher.

Diablo III new update

The players will have a stacking buff that that persists as long as you have hit or killed a monster within the last 5 seconds, which will be for the duration of the Season. Each one of the stacks gives .005 movement speed and .001% bonus damage. This bonus caps at 50% movement and 100% damage (1000 stacks). Down below you can see the powers that you will get after a number of kills in a row, and it will deal scaling damage based on player level and difficulty or Greater Rift level:

  • 15 Kills: Exploding Chickens seek and destroy
  • 30 Kills: A wide Frost Nova freezes enemies
  • 50 Kills: Corpses rain from the sky
  • 100 Kills: Five massive energy twisters are unleashed
  • 150 Kills: Dark Geysers from beneath enemies
  • 200 Kills: Treasure chests fall from the sky
  • 300 Kills: A ring of fire engulfs everything
  • 400 Kills: Meteors hail from above
  • 500 Kills: Angels descend upon the battlefield to fight for your cause (Angels should no longer one-shot Rift Guardians).
  • 1000 Kills: ?????

The powers are tracked at a group level, which means only one can be active at a time, even if you have many players with you. What is interesting is that what will happen when a player manages to stack 1000 kills. People who will complete the season will get two new rewards, which are the Valor Portrait Frame and the Angelic Treasure Goblin pet.

Moreover, there are some new classes added to the game called Crusader and Monk.

There are a lot more changes bug fixes to the game, which have been detailed in the full notes. If you want to check out the full notes of the game, you can do so by clicking right here.