Time For Them To Come Home for Christmas: Filming Locations & Cast

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Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas Poster; Credits: Hallmark Channel

The fourth entry in the Home For Christmas series, “Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas,” is based on the novel by Travis Thrasher and Dorothy Shackleford. The sappy romance film centers on a young female who suffers memory loss after an accident and finds herself in a small-town hospital. Only a newspaper clipping discovered with her, which contains an invite to the Charleston Christmas celebration and a puzzling note from a guy named Mark, can reveal her true identity.

The amnesiac lead, now going by the name Jane Doe, embarks on a cross-country road trip with the handsome nurse Paul to arrive in Charleston by Christmas to begin solving the riddles of her past. However, the two unintentionally become closer due to their shared struggle with personal traumas. Viewers get a sense of the festive period as they follow their amorous adventure through winter wonderlands with Christmas themes. You’ve come to the right place if the stunning settings in the movie captured your interest as well and left you wondering where it was shot.

Time For Them to Come Home for Christmas: Filming Locations

The majority of the British Columbian scenery was used in the Hallmark film. It’s not unusual that the production team chose to film the Peter Benson-directed film in this area of the Great White North because the snow-capped natural landscapes of the area can provide a great site for shooting a Christmas movie. To better understand the film’s production, let’s look at some of the finer points.

Abbotsford in British Columbia

The romantic drama film’s primary photography began in Abbotsford. The region’s production was completed somewhere between September and October 2021. The city, which is only one hour’s drive from Vancouver, provides its residents with a wealth of artistic, cultural, and recreational options. People from all over the world reside in the area, which is a testimony to its tolerance and openness. The area also boasts a wide range of ethnicities.

Abbotsford not only has the strategic benefit of being near Vancouver, but it also offers a lot of interesting, underused locations that, when combined with its production services and easy access to skilled crew, make the place a fantastic shooting location.

Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas House; Credits: YouTube

Time For Them To Come Home for Christmas: Details Of Cast

The lead character of Jane, the protagonist with memory loss who has no knowledge of her true identity and is anxious to discover something about herself by seeing Charleston, is played by Jessy Schram in the Hallmark movie.  Paul, the nurse who is also dealing with his tragedies, makes an appearance as Brendan Penny, and he offers to assist Jane by accompanying her to the Charleston Christmas fair.

Jane Played By Jessy Schram

John and Kristie Schram welcomed their daughter Jessica into the world in Skokie, Illinois. She is an American actress, model, and singer who was born on January 15, 1986. Hannah Griffith from Veronica Mars, Rachel Seybold from Life, Karen Nadler from Falling Skies, and Cinderella or Ashley Boyd from Once Upon a Time are some of her most well-known performances.

Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas Movie Scene; Credits: YouTube

Paul Played By Brendon Penny

Born on November 9th, 1978, is Brendan James Penny. He is a Canadian actor who has appeared in both film and television. From 2006 to 2008, he starred as A.J. Varland in the initial season of the Canadian television series Whistler. He is best known for his role as Detective Brian Lucas in the Canadian crime drama series Motive, which starred Kristin Lehman, Louis Ferreira, and Lauren Holly and followed a squad of Vancouver homicide investigators from 2013 to 2016. Chesapeake Shores is a family drama on the Hallmark Channel that also stars Brendan as Kevin O’Brien. He has also starred as the protagonist in a bunch of Hallmark original movies.

Camille Janclaire Mitchell; Credits: Hallmark Channel

Barbara Played by Camille Mitchell

Actress, author, and director Camille Janclaire Mitchell is a triple threat. She was reared in Canada but was born in Los Angeles. She has received praise for her work on stage, particularly at the Shaw and Stratford Festivals, and she earned a Jessie Award for her portrayal of Ariel in The Tempest. You might also recognize her from Martha’s Vineyard, A Novel Romance, and A Dickens Of A Holiday. 

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