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One Piece: Toei Animation Staff Reveals New Details On Wano Country Arc, End of Series

One Piece Wano Country Arc End

The One Piece series has finally entered the Wano Country arc, both in the manga and the anime. As expected the manga has covered over 30% of the Wano Country arc already, while the anime isn’t too far behind. With that being said, we’re still far away from Wano’s ending, but according to the some of the people at Toei Animation, the end may not be that far away after all.

One Piece Chapter 959 update

One Piece Wano End Details

According to the people at Toei, One Piece might actually be ending in the next five years, roughly. The end of the Wano Country arc will signal the beginning of the end of One Piece. After Wano ends, we’ll finally be in the endgame which is what we’ve been waiting for since a long time now.

Furthermore, Shinji Shimizu revealed at the Saudi Anime Expo that Wano Country’s end will have a big surprise for the One Piece fans. On top of that, One Piece’s ending was also discussed. Oda previously told Shimizu that he had intended to make the ending far more touching than Ace’s death, so prepare for an emotional ending, guys.

The staff went on to talk about the upcoming fight of Luffy and the alliance vs Big Mom and Kaido, and according to the Toei Animation staff, it’ll be very important.

Right now, everyone is looking forward to Luffy vs Kaido in the anime, and the episode is really incredible, something that the fans should look forward to.

We can’t wait to see more of Wano Country, and we hope that you guys feel the same way. What are your thoughts on Wano’s ending? Let us know in the comments section below!