Dr. Stone Episode 25 update: When Will It Come Out?

Dr. Stone anime aired its 24th episode last week and fans are now looking for the continuation of an incredible anime series. The anime adapted Boichi’s manga perfectly and was widely renowned as one of the best series in 2019. The previous episode of the series was jawdropping in every way and some fans are looking for the 25th episode already. You’re not alone! We want the 25th episode as well, but we won’t be getting it any time soon.

Dr. Stone Season 2 update

Dr. Stone Episode 25 update And Updates

For those of you who don’t know, Dr. Stone Episode 25 won’t be coming out this year as the previous episode marked an end to its first season. The second season of the anime has been announced already and it is set to cover the Stone Wars arc of the manga.

From what we know, Dr. Stone will return with its second season next year at some point. This means Dr. Stone Episode 25 will likely air in 2020 and it’ll likely mark the beginning of the Stone Wars arc.

Here’s the synopsis for the Dr. Stone anime:
Thousands of years ago, the entirety of mankind was turned to stone, and now, Senku Ishigami awakens. He’s a bit with an extraordinary mind, and his grasp on science is fantastic. It is he who faces the task of restoring the world to its former glory. He isn’t alone, though. His friend Taiju Oki also awakened at around the same time, and they try their best to rebuild the civilization from nothing.