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The Liar Princess And The Blind Prince Launches New Trailer

Before going into some details about The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince, first look at the game’s synopsis:
The story goes like this; a prince keeps on wandering in the woods in search of a wolf. The prince is completely mesmerized by the voice of this wolf’s howl.

He finds the voice of this wolf so attractive that he follows her voice to meet her. When he finally comes to meet her, she is afraid as he catches her by surprise. She scratches his face with her claws making him blind for a lifetime. To restore his eyesight, the little prince needs to find a secret potion in the woods. Meanwhile, the wolf transforms into a beautiful young girl who guides the blind price while he tries to find the potion. So, how long can she-wolf guide the little prince?

The story seems very beautiful, and I’m waiting to play this game as soon as I can. The game is out, and we all can finally play this game on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The idea of the game was supplied by one of the web designers of Nippon Ichi Software. Also, Nippon Ichi Software has already launched this game in Japan in May of last year.

There is a piece of good news for the USA fanbase of the game as NISA is offering some other cool things with the game for the USA edition. This special edition is known as Storybook Edition. In this pack, you can get a collectors box, game, soundtrack and most importantly a pretty decent book which contains the whole story of the game.