Survivor Season 38 – Four Former Contestants Are Set To Return

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Fans are extremely excited for the 38th Season of Survivor and the theme “Edge of Extinction,” has been enticing enough to get the fans on board. The long-running show is expected to outclass its previous seasons, and now, that the show has aired, everyone is interested in guessing the potential winner this time.

According to CBS’ official website, this season will severely test the castaways and their strong will to be the sole survivor and doing everything necessary to make it happen. As they pass each test they will for forward on their tough journey to grab the sum of $1million.

Former contestants have returned and they faced 14 other contestants. The returning members include Aubry Bracco, David Wright, Joe Anglim and Kelley Wentworth. The other contestants include:

  • Victoria Baamonde
  • Reem Daly
  • Lauren O’Connell
  • Julie Rosenberg
  • Rick Devens
  • Gavin Whitson
  • Aurora McCreary
  • Eric Hafemann
  • Keith Sowell
  • Ron Clark
  • Julia Carter
  • Wendy Diaz
  • Chris Underwood
  • Dan “The Wardog” DaSilva

The 18 participants were grouped into two tribes namely the Kama Tribe and Manu Tribe.

The Kama Tribe comprised of Joe Anglim, Aubry Bracco, Victoria Baamonde, Julia Carter, Gavin Whitson Eric Hafemann, Ron Clark, Aurora McCreary, and Julie Rosenberg.

The Manu Tribe comprised of Lauren O’Connell, Reem Daly Chris Underwood, Rick Devens, Wendy Diaz, Kelley Wentworth, Keith Sowell, Dan “Wardog” DaSilva, and David Wright.

According to the latest report from Reality Blurred, the finale will be a three-hour long episode and it will air on 15th May 2019.

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