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The Doom Patrol Season 2: Confirmed, To Release on HBO Max and DC Universe

The Doom Patrol Season 2 was confirmed just recently along with a piece of more critical news.

At the San Diego Comic-Con, at the DC Universe panel, The Doom Patrol was renewed. It was also told that the series would air sometime in the year 2020. Fans for quite some time now we’re unsure about the future of the show, due to the sudden and the murky cancellation Swamp Thing. This could have heavy repercussions for the DC Universe service. But all is well that’s ends well.

When is The Doom Patrol Season 2 Coming Out?

The upcoming season of The Doom Patrol will return to the streaming service of the DC Universe. The Doom Patrol, which is a comic book superhero series, would also stream at the same time on HBO Max, that is WarnerMedia’s streaming service. Although the streaming service hasn’t launched yet, it will be rolled out next year, from what we hear. set to launch early next year.

The Doom Patrol

Announced At The SDCC, The Doom Patrol Is Renewed By DC For Season 2

If you must have seen Titans, you should know that almost all of the show’s characters we’re introduced in the first episode itself titled after the team. This then took the shape of The Doom Patrol Season 2, where characters faced machinations of a madman, who’s omnipresent.

The superhero series called The Doom Patrol centers around a bunch of superheroes, who are way too different, from one another. They were cut off from the entire humanity by weird accidents only to be saved layer by the intervention of scientific genius Dr. Niles Calder. Who is Cliff Steele, you ask? He was/is a racing car driver who after a horrific crash, was brain transplanted into a robot’s body.

The others that lead the show are Larry Trainor, the pilot who has translucent skin, that’s hidden by bandages. His body is always in negative energy after he hit a field of it. The next one is, Rita Farr- a Hollywood damsel whose body transformation is that of an elasticized gelatinous mound with toxic liquid. Crazy Jane- a woman with a fragmented psyche due to a childhood trauma that’s culminated into a severe dissociative identity disorder. Her multiple personalities have different power.

We are more than ecstatic that The Doom Patrol has finally been renewed, DC Universe badly needed their inclusion in their universe. No further details regarding the story pattern have been released. We’ll be sure toyou as soon as we have a clue about The Doom Patrol season 2.


WarnerMedia has launched their new streaming platform named HBO Max, and all the fans are wondering where will Doom Patrol season 2 premiere, as the show is a collaborative project of both WarnerMedia and DC. Hence, we are happy to inform you that the networks have decided to launch the show on both the streaming services, keeping the audience’s interest in mind. However, no confirmedhas been announced as of now!