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Charmed (2018) Episode 23 or Season 2? All You Need To Know

Charmed Episode 22

In this post, we are going to talk about Charmed (2018) episode 23 or season 2 update and details. We know that the show is moving towards the finale, and the story is evolving like never before. We saw Maggie’s near-death experience, where Macy risked her life to save Maggie. Nonetheless, she got rewarded with mysterious powers that she knows nothing about.

The 22nd episode of the first season is supposed to release on 19 May 2019, and it will focus on her powers mainly. She will be making different realities, although it will not be as precise as she wants them to be. Hence, there are chances that we get to know about her new powers, which will change the show’s future plot possibilities.

Contrastingly, the 22nd episode will be the last episode of the first season. Therefore, there will not be any 23rd episode in the first season of Charmed. Nevertheless, there will be more episodes to see for sure, as the show is given a renewal for the second season. Therefore, the sisters will come back to entertain us with their mystical life. The renewal tweet is linked below!

While the show has been renewed, the show has got new showrunners as well. Carter Covington has stepped down, and the new showrunners will be Craig Shapiro and Elizabeth Kruger. The main reason behind the substitution is the shift of content in the second season, as it will focus more on the supernatural powers and less about the family drama.

Therefore, they needed someone who has more experience when it comes to supernatural shows. Moreover, the show has not released any air date, although it is expected to return in October 2019. Additionally, it looks like the second season would also have 22 episodes, same as the first season.