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Is ‘Midsomer Murders’ Back After a Mid Season Break On ITV?

Midsomer Murders is currently in its Season 20, and it disappeared from our TV screens earlier this year for a hiatus. On May 19, Sunday the drama show was back with the first post-season episode. In this particular episode, we saw Detective Chief Inspector John Barnaby and Detective Sergeant Jamie Winter in a local comic book festival. It is here that the duo was involved in the investigation of the death of a former supermodel. This particular supermodel was born with some bad luck. She had just woken from a coma that she sustained in an attack two years before her death.

Midsomer Murders Still

This year is special for the UK’s longest-running contemporary detective show as it celebrates its 20th anniversary. The episode that aired on Sunday became series’ 20’s episode 3, titled Drawing Dead. Previously, we saw “The Ghost of Causton Abbey” on Sunday 10th March on ITV, and after that “Death of Small Coppers” that aired on Sunday 17th March. In the mainland US, Series 20 has already aired in May 2018.

Starring in series 20 is Neil Dudgeon and Nick Hendrix in the lead roles. Neil is back as DCI John Barnaby, marking his seventh year running, whereas Nick Hendrix plays DS Jamie Winter. The other series regular, Fiona Dolman plays John’s wife, Sarah Barnaby. Paddy, the dog, is seen in the show as the family’s “faithful canine companion.” Annette Badland also returns as Dr. Fleur Perkins. Fleur plays the pathologist on the show as she replaces pathologist Dr. Kam Karimore (Manjinder Virk). Manjinder moved to Canada at the end of series 19.

The first series aired in 1997 and due to its immense success, the show has been continually renewed since then.