Complete Guide For Tower of God for Beginners

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Tower of God has been pretty popular among the fans since the early 10’s and has even received a variety of adaptations. Initially, the story was started in the form of a manhwa from South Korea. The illustration of this manga has been done by SIU. Since 2010, we had been witnessing this manga to be adapted in a serialized webtoon. Recently, in May of 2021, we witnessed that the Young Com publishers gathered all the six volumes of this story and published them. Also, you guys should know that an official English translation was provided to this manhwa series back in July of 2014 by Line Webtoon. The main genre of this series includes a variety of themes such as action as well as dark fantasy. It was first started back on the 30th of June 2010 and is still running till now. I mean, this indicates the fact that people have been in major awe of this tale.

After witnessing the success, we also saw how the story of Tower of God received a mobile game as well as merchandise too. Now, the best part about having this manhwa is that creators in Japan went on to make an anime series on the story and it has been loved by audiences not only in the country but all around the globe. The director of this show is Takashi Sano while its production has been done by Joseph Chou under the banner of Telecom Animation Film. As of right now, the episodes of Tower of God are available to watch on Crunchyroll. The anime media platform has licensed the whole tale and simulcasted the Japanese broadcast version of the episodes of Tower of God.

Complete Guide for Tower of God
A still from Tower of God

Tower of God – Plot

Now, you all must be wondering about what makes Tower of God so special among all the other tales present in the anime sector right now? Well, this factor has to be contributed to its amazing storyline which is provided to us by the creators. The main spotlight is thrown on Twenty-Fifth Bam, a boy who is popularly dubbed as a Messiah in Korean origin given that his name has “Bam” in it. The mystery comes in when we get to know that this little lad has spent all his life trapped inside a vast Tower. Only his friend Rachel could come to this place to give him company. Later in the scenes, we witness that Bam gets devastated to know that Rachel has entered the Tower. He, soon enough, opens the gate and is even ready to go to any distance just so that he can see Rachel again. Bam is even ready to put his life at stake and die if it means saving Rachel’s.

When Bam manages to enter inside the Tower, he stumbles across a variety of allies that help him through his journey of climbing up this monument. Now, this Tower thing might have raised some questions in your mind for sure. You guys should know that this structure is actually completely enclosed and has a lot of unique yet mysterious environments inside of it. The structure of this tower has been protected by a magical element known as Shinsu. Also, you guys should know that this tower is a residence of a lot of intelligent species. Our main character, Bam, leaves at the bottom of this tower while loving at the top of it, is associates with better living conditions and comfort.

Money has got no role in getting higher up the Tower as a person can only ascend from one floor to the upper one, bypassing through extremely difficult tasks of strength as well ad dexterity and wit. Now, there are various other rules too that are associates with the Tower. First of all, all the battles which happen inside of it, are carried on in teams. Every individual who has been enlisted themselves in the team is to play a very important role in the whole story of the battle. There are five basic positions that can be employed by the players. It was revealed earlier that Tower of God is one of the most profitable series to ever run based on the paid preview system. This is a situation where the readers are allowed to buy almost three chapters in advance.

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