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The Promised Neverland Outsold MHA and Haikyuu

The Promised Neverland manga sales have been going so strong among the fans right now, and not only in Japan but also in the various other parts of the world, especially America. We can not deny that the story as well as the genre of dark fantasy as well as science and fiction which comes with a topping of thriller, has been fascinating to the readers with all of its potentials now. Even an anime has been dedicated to this manga series and its animation work is top-notch. Till now, we have had two seasons of the show with us while a fully-fledged film was also given back in December of 2020. On the other hand, the success of this manga has attracted quite a lot of production companies and recently, we saw that Amazon Prime Video has bought the rights to make a live and action adaptation of this tale which will be American. Coming back to the details of the manga, here we are to talk about how amazing the books have been doing throughout the globe. The Promised Neverland has established itself as one of the best-selling manga in the field. It has digital as well as physical versions which have been loved by the fans. Thus, here have wrapped up all the sales details you need to know about The Promised Neverland.

The most recent survey for The Promised Neverland was done back in April of 2021 and the figures legit surprised everyone. The books have surpassed selling over 32 million copies in the world that includes its digital versions too. The accolades which this manga has bagged in its name are just crazy. Back in 2018, this manga was on the 8th level to have sold 4.2 million copies. As of right now, its rank sits much higher because the manga has even upstaged other very popular stories dominant in the Japanese media. The sales of The Promised Neverland have gone over Haikyuu as well as My Hero Academia. This is a major milestone because the latter two manga series is wildly popular and even their anime shows are highly successful among the fans.

The Promised Neverland Outsold MHA and Haikyuu

A still from The Promised Nevrland anime

How The Promised Neverland manga is so famous?

What is makes The Promised Neverland so special? Well, it has to be the plot for me because, without it, the book is just a book. The story is set in the year 2045. There is a lot of mention of an alleged “ The Promise” which has happened over 1000 years ago in order to end the war which was prevalent between the humans as well as the demons. After this promise took place, both the parties were awarded their own respective worlds in which they have to live in. The human world was supposed to be free from the cruelty and mess which the demons create. On the other hand, the demon world was established with human breeding forms because these creatures need to eat the food right? The concept of this anime is very unique. These human breeding farms are actually orphanages where the children were basically brought up for slaughter. These kids would have no knowledge of the world outside of the four walls they are living in. When they have become intelligent and healthy, the kids were then sent off for adoption.

But what actually happens is, they are sent off to be the food of high-ranking demons in the demon world. The plot of The Promise Neverland focuses on Emma who is 11 years of age and living in one of these slaughter orphanages in the demon world without any idea of what lies in the future for her. There are 37 other kids too along with her to play with and lead a good life. These kids are provided with everything they are ever going to need so as to make sure that their health, as well as their mental condition, is up to the standards of the demons. Sometimes when you think about it, The Promised Neverland is a story that strongly plays with your emotions. It is very hard to not feel sorry for all these kids who are trapped inside and being brought up with utmost importance and care just to be sent off as food for the demons.

You can watch The Promised Neverland anime online on streaming giant Netflix.

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