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Are Tom Felton and Emma Watson Together? Rumors Explored

Everyone has grown up seeing Harry Potter and we can not deny that Tom Felton, as well as Emma Watson, were one of our favorite cast members from the film. Ever since the film started back in the early ’00s and various interviews were conducted with the cast of Harry Potter, we got to know a lot about the relationship which these actors and actresses share on the set. It was a very long time ago that Emma Watson disclosed that she was obsessed with Tom Felton on the set when they were young and had a huge crush on him. Since this statement was made by the Hermione Granger actress, the internet was taken by storm with various rumors regarding the romance between the two.

Also, we have seen that the two stars have stayed in touch all throughout the years even though the franchise stopped with the Harry Potter films. This has further added fuel to the already burning fire. Recently, it has been announced by Warner Brothers that they are going to open an official flagship store of Harry Potter in New York City. This is why Tom Felton stepped up to interview regarding his experiences while making the Harry Potter films even though it was a long time ago.

Are Tom Felton and Emma Watson Together? Rumors explored

Emma Watson and Tom Felton Playing Guitar

Tom Felton Talks About His Bond With Emma Watson

While the Draco Malfoy actor was being on the interview, he was asked about his relationship with Emma Watson and how close are the two actors. This is when we got some new answers from Tom Felton who enlightened us regarding their bond. The actor, who is currently 33 years in age, said that Emma and she are something (not nothing) if this makes any sense to any of us. Tom went on to further describe his relationship with Emma Watson saying that they are very close for a long time and hoe he totally adores her. Now, when further questioned in deep regarding her, Tom said that he thinks Emma is fantastic and when the interviewer is questioning her, he hopes she returns the compliment too.

This statement surely did turn some of the heads while we were taking a minute to be in awe of Tom Felton while he was praising his colleague. Given the fact that these two are friends since they were literally children, people think that there might actually be some romantic fumes kindling between the two friends now. Well, Tom Felton also had a perfect answer when asked about any romantic relationship which he might share with actress Emma Watson. He said that their relationship is more of a Gryffindor and Slytherin thing rather than being something more couple type. Tom also said that he thinks that Emma Watson deserves the world.

Are Tom Felton and Emma Watson Really Dating?

The actor revealed how Emma was the youngest member on the set of Harry Potter when they started filming and had to go through a lot, but it was all very exciting on her side. This is the moment when, I, personally think that there is nothing more in the bond of Tom and Emma but friendship, nothing but pure friendship. He continued his statement by saying that he might get teary-eyed if they continue on the subject of Watson. At last, he denied any dating rumors or even a romantic relationship between them and said that the actress is a fantastic influence on the world. There were a lot of things that were discussed during this interview and Tom Felton also revealed how he stays in touch with not only Emma Watson but almost the entire cast of Harry Potter.

Giving us more details about Emma, Felton shared that he has spoken to her just a few days ago and the first thing they talked about was truly random, such as the kitchen sink has been plugged or how their dog would not eat a certain kind of food. As for the rest of the cast members such as Daniel Radcliffe as well as Rupert Grint, Tom said that they all talk quite frequently from time to time. Because of the busy schedule, it might not be as regular, but the fact that these actors stay together even after a long period of time is what matters.

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