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Trese Anime Coming to Netflix – First Filipino Comic To Be Adapted into Anime

People are pretty excited for the new content which is promised to them by the streaming giant Netflix. Obviously, after a horrific 2020 when we legit got next to nothing, the streamer has promised to bring out new content for the fans. One thing which I personally adore about the company is that they are trying to be as diverse as possible when it comes to creating content. I know they have not covered all the regions in the world, but slowly as time goes by, the creators are trying to do and obviously, the efforts count right? Now, here the platform is all set to drop out the new anime content but this time, it is not from Japan. Trese is an upcoming Netflix original animated drama series that shares its origin with the Filipino. The story has been adapted from a book series that goes by the same name and has been penned down by Budjette Tan as well as Kajo Baldisimo. The story of this show is going to throw the entire spotlight on Alexandra Trese, who happens to a detective. Although she is no normal detective who reports the crime of the humans, instead, her involvement is with the supernatural forces. Fans are pretty excited to witness some new content being dropped out on the streaming network because, at the end of the day, there are many people who might get tired of watching live and action all along.

Now, Netflix has also come up with a brand new official poster dedicated to this series, Trese. In this pictorial representation, we get to have a closer look at the main character in her uniform. This artwork was uploaded on the Netflix Geeked account on Twitter and came along with a caption that enlightened us about how amazing this series is going to look. The creators describe the character by stating that it is Alexandra who joins the supernatural world with the real one. This show is supposed to drop out just this month and will be available to watch in two languages, that is, English as well as Filipino. The best thing that Netflix has done with this series employs different voice casts for the different languages so that no controversies are created around the nationality. Well, if you think you are someone who will be interested in watching the series, then here we have wrapped up all the information for you guys regarding its updates.

Trese Anime Coming to Netflix - First Filipino Comic To Be Adapted into Anime

Alexandra Trese from Trese

Trese Release Date on Netflix

Trese will be released on the 10th of June 2021 for the English version in the United States. As for the Filipino version, the episodes are going to roll out on the 11th of June 2021. The original creators of Trese called Tan and Baldisimo are going to serve as the showrunners for the upcoming Netflix Original animated drama. Now, you all must be wondering about what the plot of this show is going to look like apart from the fact that it is about a supernatural detective. Although, if someone feels uncomfortable while reading it because they are potential spoilers, then please feel free to skip this part. According to the official description of Trese, the creators have set the story in the city of Manila. The most dangerous part of this place is taking a wrong turn and winding down the dimly lit side of the metro when the sunsets.

It is because this is the place where aswang runs a highly dangerous kidnapping ring. This is the place kapre are kingpins of crime while on the other hand, we also have engkantos who slip in through weird spaces and steal our most priced possessions which we own. But soon enough, this crime in the city will not limit itself to humans and have some special forces involved. The police, subtly understand that this is the time when they should call Alexandra Trese for help. This is when she steps in to stop the supernatural madness which can not be handled by the police of the Philippines. Captain Guerrero is quite fond of her and often calls for her help whenever needed. There is a lot of mystery embedded in the storyline when it comes to Alexandra who solves the crime and makes it a thrilling watch for us too.

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