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Fire Force TV Anime Set For A Four-Cour Run

Fire Force update
Fire Force Anime

Fire Force is just weeks away from premiering and the fans are looking forward to what’s going to be one of the most intense anime of Summer 2019. All the previews for the anime look fabulous and I hope that we get to see more promotional content on the anime in the upcoming weeks.

We’ve been getting new details on the anime every day. Recently, Crunchyroll announced the Simulcast for Fire Force. Today, it’s being reported that Fire Force is a whopping four cour anime. In other words, the anime is likely going to continue for an entire year, without any breaks. This is very exciting because I’ve been wanting to check the series out since forever, but it is also worrying when it comes to production.

By the looks of the PV, Fire Force seems to have a very healthy production schedule. The animation for the series looks mind-blowing, but if the anime is truly a 4 cour anime, that animation will go down once we’re behind the first 24 or so episodes.

It could be possible that Fire Force is a split-cour anime. This would mean that the anime would have a total of 48 episodes. It’ll air 24 episodes first, then take a 6 months break and then air the remaining 24 episodes. Even in this schedule, I think it’s hard to keep up the high level of quality and consistency, but it’ll be much better than a regular run of 48 episodes.

For now, we don’t have details on whether it’s going to be a split-cour anime or not, but hopefully, we’ll find out soon enough.

Fire Force anime premieres on July 5, 2019.