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We Never Learn Chapter 168 Spoilers, and Recap

We Never Learn

Fumino wants to go to battle as she was lying all the time to other girls about being in love with Nariyuki. Rizu is hurt because she has been spying on every move that Fumino and Nariyuki make towards each other. Fumino visits Uruka apologizing to her that she couldn’t be on her side all the time. She told her that she has been hiding her feelings for too long without expressing how she feels.

Fumino does not want to keep on making excuses about the love she has for Nariyuki. She has decided to fight for her love and Uruka told her that she understands how she feels. Fumino thanks Uruka for listening to her and Uruka thinks Fumini and Nariyuki are the same they can’t express their feelings. This post is about We Never Learn Chapter 168 a recap.

We Never Learn Chapter 168 update

We Never Learn Chapter 168 will be released on Sunday, 2 August 2020. The latest chapter of We Never Learn is released every Sunday. This manga is taking a weekly break it will return next months. The spoilers of chapter 168 are not yet released. Take a look at the recap of the last chapter and where you can read this manga below.

We Never Learn

We Never Learn

Previously on We Never Learn Chapter 167

Uruka met with Nariyuki after talking to Fumino she told him that she is doing fine. She does not want anyone to feel sorry for her after being rejected. Naruyuki must not hold his feeling because he has already rejected someone. He must also stop making lame excuses holding his feeling back and he must man up.

They both go separate ways Nariyuki is trying to figure out how he must man up. Suddenly Fumino arrives and Nariyuki told her that he is happy she is here. They both stand up heading close towards each other Fumino points the stars in the sky. They started talking about stars but they think they are on a date.

Fumino used to think Nariyuki as her little brother in the past when everyone has given up on them. She ended up telling Nariyuki that now he is the person that she loves most in the whole world. Fumino started crying in front of Nariyuki telling him that she loves him so much even if someone loves him.

Fumino kept on confessing her feeling that she cannot stop loving him and Nariyuki is just shy in front of her. Nariyuki shows Fumino what he has prepared for her and he told her that he love her too. He also talked about every emotion and things that he loves about her. They end up embracing each other.

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