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Read We Never Learn Chapter 171 Spoilers, and Recap

We Never Learn

We end the last Sunday of the months with the latest development of We Never Learn. Nariyuki has become a teacher on an Island after graduating and Kominami runs a clinic. It is in the afternoon Nariyuki is watching his students playing soccer, he is happy that they are doing well. Sayan and Sayaka ask Nuriyaki if he is dating Kominami. Nariyuki replied that nothing is going on between him and Kominami it is just rumors spread fast.

Sayan told Nariyuki that the old neighbors from nearby are gossiping about Nariyuki’s relationship with Kominami. They have seen them many times together acting like lovers. Nariyuki clears the misunderstanding with his students. Sayaka thinks that Nariyuki can’t have a girlfriend cause he is too derpy. Last night Nariyuki spend his night helping Kominami with her practice.

We are back from a weekly break of We Never Learn let’s see this Manga has for us this week. This week’s post is about We Never Learn Chapter 171 recap. Before moving further let’s start by looking at We Never Learn weekly release schedule below.

We Never Learn Chapter 171 will be released on Sunday, 30 August 2020. The latest chapter of We Never Learn is released every Sunday. Unless the Manga goes on a weekly break or gets interrupted, you will keep on getting a new chapter every Sunday. Allow me to take you at more details of We Never Learn down here.

We Never Learn

We Never Learn

Previously on We Never Learn Chapter 170

Kominami is thinking about Nariyuki that when he is around she feels safer. Meanwhile, Shima met with Nariyuki telling him about how she has recovered and she thanks him. Nariyuki advises her that next time when she is not feeling well she must visit the clinic. The old folks praise Nariyuki for helping Shima who is shy. The next day at school the students are crying out of fear that they re going to get a flu vaccine.

Kominami has visited the school to give the students injection for flu and she is happy that she will always be around Nariyuki. She injects all the students and Kuseke runaway. The students keep on toying with her and they told her she is not a good doctor because she is even afraid to do her job. Later she finished injecting them and Nariyuki went home. Nariyuki comes across his students and he enjoys playing with them.

Nariyuki reaches home and he is surprised to be welcomed by Kominami who said welcome home darling. She has prepared his dinner and told him to go and bath, she has also cleaned the house. Nariyuki thinks that Kominami has become matured and she is too hot. She asks Nariyuki to practice her injection on him and Nariyuki trips and fell down and she is on top of him trying to romance him. Later they sat down and talk about the students.

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