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Kengan Omega Chapter 79 update, Spoilers, and Recap

Kengan Omega

From the latest development of Kengan Omega Misasa circled round behind Hikaru and started landing some powerful shots. They both block each other’s punches and moved back while Hikaru told Misasa that the term martial arts savant was made for him. He must not forget about that, now the real fight begins. Misasa has found a way to reply back to Hikaru’s attacks. Let’s see what will happen today below.

Hikaru has also mastered Asaemon’s secret technique called the pryer slicer the strike had the power to crush rocks. That makes Hikaru the human weapon and he quickly throws a powerful jab and uppercut that send Misasa back to the edge of the ring again. Misasa is dodging all the attacks so that he won’t be sent out of the ring and lose the fight. Hikaru is using different techniques that he stole from other martial arts.

This upcoming Thursday we will be focusing on Kengan Omega Chapter 79 update and a recap. Take a look at the following weekly schedule of this Manga then you can move to the latest development below.

Kengan Omega chapter 79 will be released on Thursday, 1 October 2020. The spoilers of Kenga Omega Chapter 79 are not yet available. We update them as soon as they are released. A new chapter of this manga will be released every Thursday. Let’s take a look at the recap and ways to there Kengan Omega chapters.

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega

Previously on Kengan Omega Chapter 78

The fighters who stole the techniques from other martial arts are called collectors they are difficult to defeat. Misasa manages to dodge another spear from Hikaru who is not giving him time to breathe. Hikaru caught Misasa off guard and tears his left side of the face. Hikaru told Misasa to stop dodging and show him a great fight, Misasa replied that he can stop talking nonsense and take him down if he can.

Misasa thinks that Hikaru is rough he should have let Kanoh handle him. Hikaru shouts that he can’t be beaten under the special rule and if Misasa thinks that he is an idiot. He also told him all he can do is to run away and avoid being punished. Hikaru keeps on attacking Misasa who keeps on dodging trying to find Hikaru’s weakness.

Kaike notices that Misasa is playing with Hikaru with an aim of finishing him at the last minute. Misasa land a powerful blow that pins Hikaru to the ground. Misasa took off his T-shirt after putting Hikaru to the ground with a single hit. Hikaru gets up rubbing his face asking if the blow caught him after seeing his blood. Misasa told Hikaru that he is going to send him to hell. Hikaru is just shocked to see himself bleeding while Misasa is still looking fresh.

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