One Punch Man Chapter 118 update, Spoilers And Updates

One Punch Man Chapter 117 came out just a few weeks ago, and fans cannot wait for what’s to come next. With the introduction of a new Dragon level threat, we can’t help but get excited about what’s going to happen in the next chapter of the manga. Towards the end of One Punch Man Chapter 117, we saw Drive Knight arrive in front of this huge threat, and it concluded with his tactical Lance transformation. One Punch Man Chapter 118 is where most of the action will be, so we’ll be talking about that in this post. Let’s get started!

One Punch Man Chapter 118 update
One Punch Man Season 2 by J.C Staff

One Punch Man Chapter 118 – What We Know

Before we begin, please note this post may contain official spoilers from the next chapter of the manga. If being spoiled is not for you, we suggest that you stop reading the post here. However, if spoilers don’t bother you, we can get started. Also, note that we did not create the spoilers or leaked them. They’re available all over the internet.

One Punch Man Chapter 118 is likely going to have Drive Knight fight against this huge cat threat that’s been terrorizing everyone. It’s been a while since we’ve seen an incredible fight in the manga, and this one has the potential to be just that. In the next chapter, we might also see some more of Fubuki, as we did in the previous one.

Drive Knight is where most of the focus will be though. He’s an S-class hero, and he’ll certainly prove to be a strong opponent. Whether or not he’ll win is a different argument entirely. We hope that One Punch Man Chapter 118 drops some extra details for us as well. For now, we can’t wait for the next chapter to drop so we can see what happens next.

One Punch Man Chapter 118 will be out within the next week. Are you excited about the next chapter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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