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Shadowverse Episode 29 News


After Hiro has defeated Shiro and gets his legendary card Luca summons Dark General to pierce his opponent. He defeated the trio in a single blow and he also got his legendary card too. Meanwhile, Kai and Alice are involved in a 2v2 battle with Joubert Sisters who said they are invincible. The Joubert Sisters combined their two cards and opens the path to void. They reveal that when their graveyard contains at least 15 cards, the path to the void reveals its true power.

When their first turn ends it does damage to all enemy followers. One of the Joubert sisters attack Alice and left her with 17 points and summons Shadow Assault. Alice summons Skeleton Raider and takes down two enemies in a single slash. Skeleton Raider also attacks the enemy leader with a storm attack and reduce her points to 13 points. Joubert’s sister asks if Alice is an idol or a Shadowverse player. Meanwhile, Hiru is trying to find the shortest route to the Tree of Woe.

Shadowverse Episode 29 Recap

Shadowverse Episode 29 will be released on Tuesday, 3 November 2020, at 5:55 PM JST. Keep in mind that every Tuesday you will get a new episode of this Anime. This post may contain the spoilers of the upcoming episode watch out when you proceed. Take a look at the recap and preview below. You can watch this Anime officially on Crunchyroll at the same time from above. Let’s take a look below.



Previously on Shadowverse Episode 28

Hiru asks Marguerite about his friend and she replies that everything is going as planned. She reveals that Luca, Yonazuki, and Mauro have retrieved their legendary cards. Alice and Kai are at the ruins clashing with their opponents and the strange readings are coming from the Swordcraft and Forestcraft ruins. The Swordcraft ruin is showing two shadow signals. Hiru decided to go and help Kazuki and Mimori meanwhile, Kai plays the Dimensional Witch.

Joubert told Kai that the world is not worthy of being saved and he is wasting his time. She summons Shadow Assault and Nephthys to attack Kai and drops him to 3 points. Kai decided not to give up and said he makes a comeback. Joubert threatens Kai to draw his next card but she is going to defeat him. With only 3 points Kai is determined to land the final blow so that he can get his legendary card. He told Joubert that he only needs the power of his heart, not calculations.

Alice answers Joubert’s earlier question and reveals that she doesn’t like to be an idol she loves Shadowverse. Alice summons Devil Soul tacker and revives all her cards. She landed a final blow on her opponent and free her from an empty shadow. Kai also did the same and they both get their legendary card and they both head to help the remaining two of their friends for the mission to be completed.

Shadowverse Episode 29 Preview

New updates of the upcoming episode will be released next week Tuesday. For now, that is the updates we have for this week until next week when the new episode gets released.