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Jumanji’s New Cast Danny DeVito Talks About What He Likes About Rock’s Impression

Danny Devito Dwayne Johnson

In the upcoming movie Jumanji: The Next Level DeVito’s Eddie gets inside the Jumanji game where he gets a new avatar, played by The Rock, who is a Smolder Bravestone. DeVito talks about what he liked about Rock’s impression. He says that both Rock and Kevin performed very well, and he was glad that Rock dived right into Jersey.

DeVito was also happy with his co-star Danny Glover who gets the avatar, played by Kevin Hart. DeVito was really impressed by Rock’s performance as he gave his best. He mentioned how Johnson affects a New Jersey accent to sound like him, making it more realistic that Eddie transformed into Bravestone. According to Rock, if you want to be Danny DeVito, you have to sound like him.

Playing another actor

The Rock has really done a great job in acting like he has inhabited someone’s body along with mannerisms, voice, and performance. The same thing was also seen with Alex Wolff’s Spencer, who was also transformed into Bravestone. In the new movie, we will see Rock playing a man who changed from a short guy to a large Samoan man.

We will also see Danny Glover’s cast Milo transforming into an avatar, played by Kevin Hart’s character Franklin Finbar. When asked about how does it feel that another actor will be imitating your character, Glover said it is like to see yourself from someone else’s perspective, and he was very happy to play such characters that would make them memorable.

Both the actors really find it interesting to be played by someone else, and they can see themselves from someone else’s lens. Unlike the first part, Rock and Hart will be impersonating famous established actors and not the newcomers like in part one. Therefore, it becomes all the way more challenging as they have to bring out the real DeVito and Glover from inside of them.