Shadowverse Episode 35 Preview

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The battle that will determine the future of the world is still going on the life of humans are at stake. Anytime the world can be destroy with all living creatures inside it, Luca is battling Mauro to get the last piece of saving the world. Mauro created five shadow assaults and reveals that it is a battle of despair. Hiro notices that Mauro has summoned five followers with 5 defense and 5 attacks in one turn. Luca realizes that it is the power of divine instruments.

Mauro decided to clash with both of them and tells Hiro that it is his turn. Hiro draws out spell card: Dragon Wings and spell card: Conflagration. Hiro reveals that together those two spell cards do 5 danage and he attacks all of Mauro’s five shadows. Mauro gets angry after witnessing his shadows being destroyed in a single blow. He then unleashes an Imperial Saint and Luca decided to step in and he has already had a taste of despair. Luca summons Black Wolf: Crazed Executioner.

Shadowverse Episode 35 Recap

Shadowverse Episode 35 will be released on Tuesday, 15 December 2020, at 5:55 PM JST. Keep in mind that every Tuesday you will get a new episode of this Anime. This post may contain the spoilers of the upcoming episode watch out when you proceed. Take a look at the recap and preview below. You can watch this Anime officially on Crunchyroll at the same time from above. Let’s take a look below.


Previously on Shadowverse Episode 34

He wanted to attack Mauro’s leader but he notices that he made a wrong move and end his turn. Mauro destroys Luca’s leader sing Mariana who burns them with light. Angel of the words appears and finishes Luca’s attack by shooting them with an arrow. Hiro asks Mauro if he is having fun and he reply yes since he wants to see them suffer. Hiro said it is great since he thought Mauro would never change. Hiro decided to back up Luca and unleashes the Ignis dragon that burns Angel and Mariana to ashes.

Hiro said he like Shadowverse and ask if Mauro likes it too. Mauro reveals that Shadowverse is just a way to make you suffer and Luca said he is wrong. Asking why he chooses to challenge him to a battle and when he was desperate he clung to Shjadowverse for help. Mauro refuses to accept the truth and decided to continue to battle out of rage. He decided to give all he’s got to win from those two and Luca borrows Igni dragon. He combined the attacks of Ignis dragon with Dark Emperor and started beating Mauro’s attackers.

Mauro remembers when Leon gave him a card that will be of use in destroying the Tree of Woe. Mauro was ordered to give it to Hiro. Back then he asks why Leon treats Hiro as if he is so special and Leons said there is something that draws him to Hiro. Back to the battle, Mauro decided that he won’t let Hiro have that card. Hiro to Luca that they have to fish the battle and they defeated Mauro. After the battle, Mauro gave Hiro Prominence Fusion and reveals what Leon has told him. A new powerful man shows up followed by explosions and Hiro can’t believe what he is seeing. He notices that it is his father and asks if it is really him.

Shadowverse Episode 35 Preview

With those latest updates about the upcoming episode of this Anime, we end it here today. Next week Tuesday we hit again with another latest update.

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