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Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night: When Does It Release on Switch?

Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night

Although Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is out at the moment for the Nintendo Switch. The game released for consoles and PC a week ago, earlier. The Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Switch came our today, on June 25, 2019, on Switch. And we’ve been hearing pretty bad things so far. The reason why this was slightly delayed for Nintendo’s console remains unknown. But nevertheless, the release came just a week after Bloodstained launched for PC, PS4, and Xbox One back on June 18.

As I said, developer 505 games haven’t given an official reason as to why Bloodstained as delayed for the Switch. Nevertheless, it is at the same price as all the other versions of the game, retailing just for $39.99. 505 also made a public assurance that Switch will be optimized in time for release later in the year. So we attribute this to the week-long delay for the Switch release of Bloodstained.

A post-launch DLC was also planned for the game, way before Bloodstained was launched. It was also announced that there would be boss rush and speedrun modes for the game, and two more playable characters. Amongst the modes, there would be a local and online co-op and versus modes, that comes out after the launch. What remains to be seen is whether this will come to the Nintendo Switch around the same time as other platforms. More as we have on it.

If you are looking to make the purchase of “Iga’s Back Pack”, you can do it for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You may also purchase it now for Nintendo Switch, starting today, June 25. This pack includes Bloodstained, boss fight against Castlevania creator Koji Igarashi, this is where the Swordwhip weapon can be earned.