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Kpop: ATEEZ’s San Tests Positive For COVID 19

ATEEZ's San test positive for covid-19
ATEEZ's San (cr: KQ Entertainment)

ATEEZ’s San is the newest victim of the ongoing pandemic, COVID-19. KQ Entertainment which houses the boy group, ATEEZ, released a statement to inform fans about his health. They also updated the Atinys (fandom name) about his participation and other members. The Kpop group ATEEZ has been in an involuntarily self-quarantine for the past few days. An external staff member who worked with the eight-member group tested positive a few days ago. And to be sure, if the boys are okay, they get tested as well. Unfortunately, San got tested positive for coronavirus.

ATEEz will suspend their group activities even though they have tested negative. San is asymptomatic right now, but he will be taking proper care to get better soon. The news came out on July 9, 2021. And today (July 10) is San’s birthday as well. Fans of the group have filled social media with wishes for the singer. Also, they are praying for his speedy recovery.

ATEEZ’s San Test’s Positive for COVID-19

KQ Entertainment released a statement to give an update on San’s health. They wrote in their official statement that the members got tested on July 9, and their reports came out negative. They planned to resume their activities. However, to be extra sure, Yunho decided to retake the PCR test. The rest of the members decided to do the same. Unfortunately, San was announced to have asymptomatic COVID-19. Along with the members, the staff will also take a break from the activities and follow the guidelines provided by doctors.

ATEEZ's San test positive for covid-19

ATEEZ at the Rolling Stone India Interview

In the end, they apologized to the fans to make them worry. And also, they will do their best to help San recover soon.

ATEEZ is an eight-member Kpop group that made its debut in 2018. With several hits under their name, ATEEZ consist of Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, Mingi, Wooyoung, San,  and Jongho. Currently, Mingi is also sitting out on group activities due to his health issue.

We hope both Mingi and San return to the group soon. Also, a very happy birthday to San!

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