Netflix’s The Great Hack: Everything You Need To Know

The defamed Cambridge Analytica Scandal has been documented by filmmakers Karim Amer and Jehane Noujaim. The duo in this documentary has taken us deep into the data scandal that rocked the world.

Data is the most valuable commodity on Earth, is the tag line of The Great Hack. The documentary goes behind and knee-deep into the Cambridge Analytica scandal, of the year 2018. Cambridge Analytica abused date from millions and millions of Facebook accounts, unauthorized information that was used to target ads in timelines to try and influence political elections.

Behind the story of The Great Hack, there’s a message for all of us, that our data should be protected and secured online. Filmmakers Amer and Jehane Anjum real-life ask viewers to practice “good data hygiene”. And this is because all of our lives are online, it’s something that we are participating in.

The Great Hack: Cambridge Analytica Scandal Has Been Documented By Filmmakers Karim Amer And Jehane Noujaim.

Amer informs the viewers that when they watch something, and when they scroll, order an Uber ride for that matter, or do anything over the internet, we’re giving up data for services. And there needs to be more and more awareness created about that, the see-saw had to be balanced, because right now the balance is quite skewed. We as users just give up our data and have no idea what happens when we give it, what happens to data and ultimately how it affects us. We need to demand more.

The Great Hack will be available worldwide from Wednesday 24th July. There is also a trailer that has been released by Netflix. The protagonist of the movie David Carroll is seen talking to his students what happens when we think our phones are listening to us and using the content of our conversation. The ads are placed in our timelines, that forma proof that an algorithm which has collected thousands of data points on us all and understands us better than we ever knew.

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