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Read Sub Zero Chapter 87 update, Spoilers, and Recap

Sub Zero

From the previous chapter of this Manga,  Clove was told that no one is allowed to enter the room that Kryo is in. Clove tries to push the guards saying that she is the future queen of the nation she must be allowed to enter. Kryo came and told the guards to let her in and he orders everyone not to disturb them. Clove takes her top veil off and Kryo’s face went red. Back to the present Kryo just look at Clove without saying anything. That worries Clove why he is not saying anything.

Kryo told Clove that she must talk or her dress won’t help her do the talking. Clove looks at the other side while Kryo is doing the same. Clove said that she talked with Fei again and Kryo said that he knows that she made progress. Kryo said that his guards are busy with the investigation gathering all information about the Jade Viper.

This post is about the latest development of  Sub Zero Chapter 87 update and recap. Kryo is angry with Clove that she hides the relationship she used to share with Leuitenat Aron. Aron is one of Kryo’s loyal guards, he came fro Clove’s kingdom, and Kryo allows him to be part of his kingdom guards. Let’s find more about Clove after looking at the Manga schedule.

Sub Zero Chapter 87 will be released on Monday, 14 September 2020. The new chapter of Sub Zero is released every Monday. This post may contain spoilers of the upcoming chapter, so make sure to proceed with caution. If you are not interested in spoilers you can skip them. Take a look at more updates below.

Sub Zero

Sub Zero

Previously on Sub Zero Chapter 86

Kryo also said he hopes Fei won’t mess up. Clove replied that she won’t and Kryo is busy cleaning his two mini swords. He remembers the first day he met with Clove and Clove told her that the mini swords belong to his late brother. Kryo doesn’t know his brother but Kharis talks a lot about him. Kryo said that when he walks inside the palace he can feel that something had been missing for a long time. Clove said that she had noticed that Kryo is missing his brother.

Clove opens up about the Leitanat who cared for her ever since she was young. She told Kryo that the night before they got married the Lieutenant came and propose her. But she realized that the Lieutenant doesn’t understand her the way Kryo does even though their marriage is sacrifice. Later after Clove clears the misunderstanding of her past she apologizes to Kryo for everything. She promised Kryo that as a princess she will never do anything to dishonor him. Kryo understands and asks her to give him a free space.

But Clove said that she wants to spend the night with her husband. Clove is worried that Kryo keeps on listening to every lie that the grand marshals keep on telling him. Kryo ends up saying that he doesn’t care about how people think of Clove as a gift for him. He is worried that he learned the truth from someone else before she came and talk with him. Kryo talked his heart out and Clove ends up showing her true love to Kryo. She kissed him and they ended up spending a night together.

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