MAMAMOO’s Hwasa is Preparing For Her Solo Comeback; RBW Confirms

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After a successful solo career with songs like “Twit” and “Maria,” MAMAMOO’s Hwasa is all set to make her solo comeback. Her agency RBW has confirmed the news. And they also shared a brief statement to explain more about her comeback. On September 29, Sports Chosun reported that Hwasa is preparing for her solo comeback. And, it turns out the reports were accurate. Moreover, fans can expect Hwasa to drop her new solo album by the end of this year.

Hwasa, the rapper from MAMAMOO, made her solo debut with “Twit” in 2014. The outspeaking Kpop idol is famous for her bold performances and savage energy. Therefore, fans are excited to see another new concept this year. Earlier this month, Hwasa, along with MAMAMOO members, dropped their new album, ‘WAW.’  It’s okay to say that MAMAMOO fans have just hit the jackpot; two albums in a year.

MAMAMOO Hwasa To Make Her Solo Comeback This Year- RBW Confirms

After Sports Chosun reported Hwasa’s solo comeback, RBW Entertainment issued a statement. While confirming the news to YTN Star, RBW wrote that Hwasa is currently working on her solo comeback. However, The exact release date of the comeback is not decided yet. The entertainment will release an official statement to announce the release in the future soon.

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Hwasa in Twit MV

Hwasa made her debut with MAMAMOO in 2014. But, she garnered more love after her solo debut, as she expressed herself better in her songs. Hwasa’s ‘Maria,’ which she wrote to her alter ego (Maria), became an instant hit because of its choreography. The rapper has also earned fame for her appearance on the variety show Home Alone.

Apart from her idol life, Hwasa always seemed to be different than other female idols. Knetizens often despise the MAMAMOO Maknae, but she has managed to charm them all. You can show her more support on social media. Until then, watch her in Home Alone here. 

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