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Rainbow Six Siege Halloween Event 2019 Skins Leaked And update

Rainbow Six Siege Halloween Event 2019 update

Rainbow Six Siege is game that is still going story even after getting released back in 2015. It has been developed by Ubisoft Montreal. This game gets constant update which brings new things and operators to the game. The player base of Rainbow Six Siege is huge and is game such fan base that it still lands on steam’s most concurrent players list. With content coming to this game the next update will be all about Halloween which will bring many things with it.

Rainbow Six Siege Skin Details

Recently, there was a leak that revealed the upcoming content of the game which were the Halloween skins for the operators of the game. These leaks were revealed by obutu3_ who shows the Halloween skins for Doc, Kaplan, Bandit, Ela, Vigil, Smoke, and Frost. Moreover, there are so new skins coming for Caviera and Gridlock, although these aren’t Halloween-related.

Rainbow Six Siege Halloween Event 2019

These new Halloween skins looks amazing and it is worth your money. The most terrifying one was the frost skin, in which her face is split into a monstrous, sharp-toothed grin, and there are horns poking out of her scalp which makes it even more creepy. Smoke’s skin is good too, in that he is looks like a monster from the deep sea. The doc skills looks got too which is that he looks like a crazy Doctor that will cut your insides up.

In my opinion, Kapkan”‘s skin looks extremely cool and the most terrifying skin is of frost. The developers did the exact thing in the previous year in which the game had a special haunted house-style event for Halloween, and it had 10 themed skins for the operators. As for the update, that hasn’t been revealed yet but it might release on 25th just like the previous Halloween update.

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