Resident Evil 3 Pre-Order Details Revealed

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Resident Evil 3 pre order
Resident Evil 3 (Credits: Capcom)

Resident Evil 3 is one of the best Zombie games of all time. It first released back in 1999 and was very successful. That game was praised for its gameplay, story elements, creepy environment and lastly for its boss battles. Now, the game got a remake, there were only rumors about it but then a YouTuber claimed that a remake was in works. Later, artwork for the game was on the PlayStation Network and people were now sure that the game will definitely be coming.

Finally after so long, during PlayStation state of play Livestream, the announcement trailer for the game was revealed and it blew everyone’s mind. The graphics of the game look breathtaking and there are some new game mechanics implemented in it like the new doughing system which got to see in the special developer’s message video that is available on YouTube.

Resident Evil 3 (Credits: Capcom)

With that announcement, the game is currently available for Pre-Order and the price of the base game is $60. Those who will pre-order the game will get the classic skins from the old game. Moreover, for hardcore fans, there is a Collector’s edition whose price will be $180. It will have the following items and is available to buy GameStop:

Resident Evil Collectors Edition

• Resident Evil 3: Standard Edition
• An 11-inch Jill Valentine statue
• Project: N and Project: R artbook
• Raccoon City double-sided poster
• Digital double album soundtrack
• Premium packaging

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