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Zipman Chapter 3 Where To Read, and Spoilers

Zipman Chapter 3 update, Where To Read, and Spoilers

Zipman continued its new Manga chapters release with Chapter 2 last week. Now fans are waiting to see what the second chapter of this new Manga will be carrying. It continues from where chapter one left off as the mystery of Zipman suit is about to be explained. Koshiro reveals that he doesn’t know anything about the suit he is stuck in which surprised Kaname as it is Koshiro who usually knows a lot as an engineer.

Zipman Summary

Zipman is about the world-famous and handsome mechanical engineer Koshiro Tatara and a scary-looking muscle head Kaname who are twins and are polar opposites of each other. When they both fell in love with the same girl’s smile, they competed against each other to see which of them can make her smile more. When one day, a tragedy suddenly strikes Koshiro and was presumed dead, Kaname was left dealing with lots of things by himself. Saying that Koshiro left while he still had things to finish with him. The same was the case with Sheena, their Childhood friend, whom they ended up falling for at the same time.

Zipman Chapter 3 Spoilers

Back in Koshiro’s lab, he explains to Kaname what had happened in the accident that was thought to have claimed his life. The company was attacked by an unknown robot wich captured Koshiro and ended up absorbing him. The perpetrator is said to be someone who attacks people with unknown technology. A steel fragment was found where the robot attacked and it had Steel X’s logo which ended up into an investigation as people think that Koshiro’s company might be involved. Later when there was another attack again, Koshiro had to make his move. As he realized that he couldn’t use the suit’s powers without Kaname he called for him which ended up in them becoming Jackman in order to fight together.

Zipman Chapter 3 update

Zipman Manga made its debut on Sunday the 1st of December 2019 when both VIZ Media’s Shonen Jump and Shueisha’s Manga plus launched it on the same day. The manga has released 2 chapters so far with Chapter 3 Scheduled for a release tomorrow, on the 15th of December 2019.

Where To Read Zipman Chapter 3?

Zipman manga is available for its latest chapters as soon as they are released from VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus platforms. Raw scans for new chapters are released 2-3 days before their respective chapters are released. To support the Manga creators and publishers, we advise you to read the digital copies from their official websites and apps