Xbox Series X Cannot Be Pre-Ordered, Here Is Why

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Microsoft has names its new console as Xbox Series X, which is popular, also known as Project Scarlett. The console will have some fierce competition, such as PlayStation 5 when it gets released in the 2020 holidays. The official announcement had been made. However, Microsoft has not allowed the product to be pre-ordered yet.

Jason Ronald, Xbox partner director of program management, told that they don’t want to put a controller in the fan’s hands and they also know that such investments can be a burden for family so they would focus on their designs goals for now and that’s why they have disabled the pre-order option even if they love fans craving for the games and products. They will first try to give insights to customers about what is bring offered before they let them pre-order.

Many things are yet to be decided, the gaming console will have a Desktop PC design, but how will it work with Project xCloud, and what will be the price tag, those are still not decided. They don’t want the customers to buy the console just because it’s new, and some fans are crazy about trying new consoles from Xbox and games. The Games Awards allows the developers to make important announcements.

This seems like quite a bit of rational thinking as done by the gaming brand, which will definitely take their reputation high. It is easy to get a large number of sales bases on people’s faith in the brand from its previous products. However, Xbox chooses to give value for money to its customers and wants to let them know what exactly they will be paying for. This will further help people to make a choice wisely and their faith in Xbox.

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