Ex On The Beach: Peak Of Love – Opinions Of Fans On Dating Of Niall

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There was a twist in the show Ex On The Beach: Peak Of Love when Nial Aslam crushed Georgia Steel and Callum Izzard’s perfect date. Niall is a former Love Island contestant, and he was able to make new friends in the house, thanks to his personality and charm that makes contestants as well as fans like him.

The decision

Fans are finding it difficult to decide who should Niall date, should it be Tyranny or DiMeco. Both the girls are quite interested in him, and now it is in his hands to decide whom he wants to choose. One person who is not happy with Niall’s presence is Callum. Georgia and Niall were coupled together in Love Island, but they couldn’t spend much time due to health reasons if Niall.

Fans have expressed mixed views about whom Niall should date. Some said that DiMeco and Niall would seem very cute together, while others said that Tyranny and Niall would be an interesting pair. Callum and Georgia settled their disputes with Niall, and Georgia loves him and said that she was lucky to have a friend like him.

Niall compares to Callum

Niall recently made a confession video and compared himself with Callum in terms of height and tattoos. He is looking forward to approaching the game in an interesting manner, which will have girls go crazy for him. The show can be watched on MTV every Thursday.

Fans are pretty much excited and curious about Niall’s pairing up; it will be interesting to watch whom he chooses and how the game progresses ahead. It will also be worth watching how Niall approaches the games, and what strategies he undertakes to continue bringing the game in his favor. With so much affection of fans and contestants for him, he really has the upper hand in the show.

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