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Los Espookys Season 2 Plot, Cast and Trailer

Los Espookys Season 2 update
Los Espookys Season 2

Los Espookys is a great horror-comedy show which is aired on HBO. The show is often seen as the other side of Scooby-Doo and Courage the Cowardly Dog. It was first premiered at ATX Television Festival on June 7, 2019. The series is inspired by magical realism, which was first used by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a revered Colombian novelist.

The show is considered humorous because of the adventures and strange situations in which Renaldo and his friends fall into. The show is co-written by Julio Torres and Ana Fabrega. Broadway Video, Más Mejor, and Antigravico have co-produced the series.

The series had a successful Season 2 as well, thanks to its engaging supernaturalism deep within. The producers of the show- Armisen, Andrew Singer, and Lorne Michaels have decided to renew the series for a brand-new Season 3 on July 25, 2019.

When is Los Espookys Season 2 update?

The Los Espookys Season 2 is expected to release on HBO in June 2020. We will keep you posted with the latest developments.

What is Los Espookys Season 2 Plot?

The horror-comedy series, Los Espookys, follows a group of friends whose love for horror turns into a peculiar business to those who need it. The series is set in a dreamy Latin American Country where the strange and the eerie are part and parcel of routine life. We witness Renaldo and his friends Tati, Andres, and others who are all deeply engrossed in the premise of supernatural. They stage exorcisms and hauntings to pursue their passion, which is further encouraged by Renaldo’s uncle Tito.

Renaldo can do anything for horror. To live with his passion, he organizes a horror-themed birthday party for his cousin, performs exorcism for priests, and also builds a fake sea monster for tourists. The character of Renaldo is modeled after the famous prototype in the horror genre, Wolf Man.

Renaldo’s friend Andres is the son of a businessman with an empire of chocolates. His past life is discreetly guarded against him, and he is keenly interested in knowing the complete details of his part, no matter how shadowy it may be.

Andres has two sisters. One of them is Ursula, who works as a dental assistant but is more interested in the pursuit followed by his friends. She is staged like a witch in the show.

Tati is another sister of Andres. She is a test subject to the group and fits into various roles as and when required. She has various similarities with the famous Frankenstein monster but, at the same time, comes up with some hilarious dialogues, which are the best part of the show.

Most of the dialogues in the show are in Spanish. The series is beset with jokes and humor, which are always sharp, original, and fit into the context. We are expecting Season 2 of the series to carry forward. Further, it’s an established humor legacy.

Who is Los Espookys Season 2 Cast?

The lead cast crew of the series includes Armisen, who plays the role of Uncle Tico.  Uncle Tico works as a valet and has an interest in supernatural elements like his nephew Renaldo, whose role is played by Bernardo Velasco. Renaldo’s friends include Ursula (played by Cassandra Ciangherotti), Tati (played by Ana Fabrega), and Andres (played by Julio Torres). The whole group of friends shares a special interest in ghosts and spirits, and their intrigue triggers a series of adventures in the show.

What is Los Espookys Season 2 Trailer?

Season 2 Trailer of Los Espookys is still awaited. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the Season 1 trailer here –