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Alita: Battle Angel Sequel Headed For A Rocky Road After Disney Purchase Of Fox

The biggest question concerning the fate of Alita: Battle Angel Sequel 2 is the takeover of Fox by Disney. Alita: Battle Angel is based upon the manga Gunnm. Alita: Battle Angel owes credit to the prodigy James Cameron who only took decades to develop the project, the man has been working on it since 2000. James Cameron succeeded in making a feel-good version starring Rosa Salazar. Due credit should also be given to Robert Rodriguez, Cameron’s close friend. Together they utilized the mo-cap technology to create an anime superhero.

The story remains almost the same, Alita is saved by Dr. Ido (played by Christopher Waltz) after he finds her in a junk pile. The major question is, can Cameron turn Alita into a successful Hollywood franchise at all? While Cameron has plans to do a sequence, it is green-lit yet. Technically, Alita should get a sequence thanks to the $394 million it made at the box office. This figure wasn’t all at what the box office prediction looked like; the estimated had suggested Alita would belly flop.

With the recent Disney/ Fox takeover, reports say that Disney is convincing James Cameron to take his Alita passion project and produce a streaming series. Essentially Disney is looking to continue the Alita franchise on Disney+ as either a live-action or animated series. Things sure have become more complicated with Disney purchasing Fox, and even if Alita were greenlit, it wouldn’t come out anytime soon. The first movie came out after being in production for 20 years.

Because of the odd amounts of CGI+ technology utilization, it would take two-to-three years for a movie like Alita to be completed. At best, the project may come out in 2022.